Air Defense Command Headquarters Information


Over the past few months, Yokota Air Base residents have likely noticed Japanese Air Self-Defense Forces personnel around base. These personnel are members of the Japan's Air Defense Command Headquarters which is now making the transition from Fuchu Air Base to Yokota Air Base in order to work alongside their US counterparts at 5th Air Force.

This move is the culmination of a seven-year process intended to improve interoperability between the U.S. Air Force and JASDF. Once the move is complete, approximately 800 JASDF personnel will be assigned to work at the ADC here at Yokota.

Please review the following Q&A learn more about the transition process and the changes you may notice around the base as we welcome the newest members of Team Yokota.


Q1. What will Yokota be called? Is this a joint/bilateral/combined base? What's the command relationship (i.e. will there be two base commanders)?

A1. The name will remain the same - Yokota Air Base. Command relationships also remain the same. The 374 AW remains the host unit and the 374 AW commander remains the sole installation commander. The ADC HQ and associated units will be tenant units on the base, similar to USFJ and 5 AF headquarters.

Q2. Do customs and courtesies apply to JASDF personnel?

A2. All military customs and courtesies apply to JASDF personnel. Treat them like any service member in the US Air Force.

Q3. How many JASDF members will live on base?

A3. A total of about 220 JASDF members will live here at Yokota, including the ADC commander and vice commander and two other general officers. The generals will also reside with their family members on base.

Q4. How soon will they all live here?

A4. The general officer quarters (GOQ) is expected to be ready for the generals to move in by the end of March. The JASDF enlisted dorms is expect to be ready for the occupants by early summer.

Q5. What are you doing about the influx in parking, since the parking garages are not yet completed?

A5. Several overflow parking areas have been established, to ensure for continued smoothness in daily operations. Additional plans are in the works for a second parking garage.

Q6. How will the ADC relocation affect air traffic here?

A6. We don't expect flight operations to increase much at all.

Q7. How will the influx of ADC members affect wait times at the hospital?

A7. ADC personnel will use their own medical facility, so wait times for SOFA personnel will not be affected at the 374th Medical Group.

Q8. Will ADC members be authorized to use the Base Exchange and Commissary?

A8. ADC members will not be authorized to make retail purchases in any facility, with the exception of convenience merchandise incidental to participation in a program on the day of participation. (Example: golf tees or balls for use at the PAR 3 or Tama Hills Golf Course; paint brushes or paint for used during Arts and Crafts class.) This policy helps ensure for the effective use of American tax dollars, since SOFA personnel receive special discounts at the Base Exchange and Commissary.

Q9. Will ADC members have access to 374 Force Support Squadron facilities?

A9. JASDF personnel will follow the same policies and procedures as SOFA personnel for facility access and reservations, with some exceptions. We've listed these services in the following questions. For questions about particular services, contact those services individually.

Q10. How will on-base dining be affected by the ADC relocation?

A10. JASDF Enlisted personnel will have access to the Samurai Café Military Dining Facility; that said, they will also have their own dining facility. As for base restaurants, JASDF personnel will have the same access as the SOFA-status personnel.

Q11. Will JASDF members have access to the Officers' and Enlisted Clubs? Will they be members?

A11. JASDF members will have access the clubs' dining facilities and can reserve space for club functions, with some restrictions. As with other international servicemembers, JASDF members will not be allowed to receive club membership. For more information, contact the individual clubs themselves.

Q12. How will the Samurai Fitness Center, the Natatorium and Sakana Swimming Pool be affected by the ADC relocation?

A12. JASDF personnel will have access to these facilities. At the fitness center, Scheduled Fitness Center programs will continue to have priority over unit and individual users, as they do with SOFA personnel. SOFA personnel will have priority for scheduled programs and instructional classes.

Q13. How will Tama Hills Recreational Facility be affected by the ADC relocation?

A13. There will be no change to current US-Japan agreements regarding the usage of Tama Hills.