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Environmental Morale Leave

The holiday season is a time when families will be traveling to celebrate
around the world. Military, DoD Civilians, contractors and dependent Yokota
team members need to be aware of travel requirements for a host of
destinations around the world, to include new travel restrictions to Mexico.

The Individual Anti-Terrorism Plan (IATP) and the Environmental and Morale
Leave (EML) should be a part of your travel planning this holiday season and
in future travels.

The Individual Anti-Terrorism Plan (IATP) is mandatory for worldwide travel
with the exception of CONUS or any U.S. Territories or Possessions. Per the
PACOM OPORD 5050-08 and the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide, U.S. Military, DoD Civilians, and/or Contractors within the USPACOM AOR must enter their travel information into Individual Anti-Terrorism Plan (IATP). For U. S. PACOM
assigned personnel, all travel worldwide must be entered. U.S. Military,
DoD Civilians, and/or Contractors must complete an IATP at least 5-10 days
prior to departure regardless if official or unofficial travel. To learn
more about country restrictions and the IATP process please visit this
guidance sheet [hyperlink attach 4] or contact the Anti Terrorism/Force
Protection(AT/FP) Office at 225-9759.

The Environmental and Morale Leave (EML) Program is a method of leave for
service members and their collocated families who are stationed at overseas
bases to take leave and travel to the mainland or to a different location
using space available government air transportation. Individuals and
families on EML have a higher priority for seating on the space available
government air transportation than those traveling on regular leave.
Members are allotted 2 EMLs per year; EML orders are good for up to 90 days.
Also attached is the EML Moral Leave Request [hyperlink attach 1] and
Process Instructions [hyperlink attach 3]. Specific details about the EML
Program can be obtained from USPACOM Instruction 0201.2 [hyperlink attach 2] and the Customer Support office in the Military Personnel Section at DSN