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Family Housing

To view the 2010 Family Housing Pamphlet, click here.

All members of the military services who are commissioned officer, warrant officer, and enlisted personnel on active duty and eligible for Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) at the with-dependent rate (except military to military) and who are serving an accompanied tour for the area and authorized to be joined (within 30 days) or accompanied by command-sponsored dependents are eligible for Military Family Housing (MFH). At this time, all newly assigned military members are required to live on-base. Career military couples, jointly assigned to the installation, are authorized to live in MFH. Both members must be serving an accompanied tour for the area.

In the case of joint custody of common dependent(s) when both parents are military members, only the member who is receiving "with dependent rate BAH" is authorized housing provided the dependent resides with that member. If the child will be absent from the MFH household for more than 30 days, the member must have a Commander approved waiver to retain MFH pending return of dependent at a specified date.

Accompanied personnel with a permanent change of station (PCS) to Yokota AB are authorized full JFTR weight allowance effective March 1, 2008. Due to this change you will only be authorized to use loaner furniture from the furnishings management office (FMO) for up to 90 days, or until your household goods (HHG) arrive.

Due to the smaller size of government quarters, accompanied personnel are encouraged NOT to ship their full JFTR weight allowance. Therefore, we highly recommend that you utilize your non-temporary storage entitlement at origin. In the event you ship your full JFTR weight allowance, Yokota AB does not have storage facilities to accommodate excess household items. Local rental storage units are also limited. Housing and the Traffic Management Office (TMO) will not ship items back to the continental U.S. (CONUS) for non-temporary storage.

The pet policy at Yokota AB allows residents of government quarters (accompanied and unaccompanied) to have fish, caged birds, hamsters, guinea pigs or gerbils in standard cages or containers. Additionally, residents of pet-friendly units can have dogs and/or cats. Only two dogs or cats, any combination, are authorized. Additionally, Yokota is undergoing a multiyear renovation program to bring all MFH and related infrastructure up to modern standards. During this time, the number of pet-friendly units will be limited.

Eligible civilians may apply for housing in the same manner as military personnel and are placed on the appropriate waiting list based upon their equivalent grade and date of housing application, as established in AFI 32-6001, "Family Housing Management." The definition of an eligible civilian is, "A U.S. civilian employee recruited from CONUS on a transportation agreement (or recruited locally under an employment agreement) who is entitled to travel or return to CONUS at government expense, authorized to be joined or accompanied by command-sponsored dependents and authorized civilian Living Quarters Allowance (LQA)."

Civilian employees' Living Quarters Allowance (LQA) and Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA) are governed by Department of State Standardized Regulations and will be explained separately by the Civilian Personnel Office. Civilians are assigned to MFH units based on their rank and bedroom entitlement and are limited to five years occupancy in MFH. Civilians are provided housing on-base on a space-available basis.

You must complete DD Form 1746, Application for Assignment to Housing, and provide a copy of permanent change-of-station (PCS) orders to be eligible for housing. You may submit an advance DD Form 1746 to Yokota for FH any time after receipt of PCS or active-duty orders. You should provide any information regarding an impending increase or change to rank or dependent status. If the impeding change is due to pregnancy, a memorandum from the losing Medical Provider should be provided. The effective date of the advance application is the date the applicant departs the losing installation. Once you arrive at Yokota, check in at the housing office as soon as possible to ensure you retain your position on any waiting lists. A DD Form 1746 submitted more than 30 days after arrival will be treated as a "walk-in," which means the member is placed on the waiting list the date the member walks in to apply for MFH.

Applicants transferring from an Unaccompanied Restricted Tour (UDR) will receive priority placement on the waiting list when their application is received. They will be credited for the months spent on the UDR tour.

If a member receives "short notice" PCS orders to report to the base within 30 days of the date the PCS orders were received, and submits an advance application to the base, they will receive advance application credit. We will forward DD Form 1747, "Status of Housing Availability," to the member outlining the housing situation for the base.

Housing Management offers the first-available house to the first eligible member on the waiting list. If reasonable attempts to contact the person fail, then the counselor will give the offer to the next member on the waiting list. Members must have 12 months retention at the installation to receive a housing assignment unless the installation has excess housing available.

Average Waiting Time

Enlisted Housing
Category Bedroom Garden Tower
Senior NCO 4 1 - 2 months N/A
Senior NCO 3 2 - 3 months 1 week
Junior NCO 4 1 - 3 months N/A
Junior NCO 3  1 - 2 months 1 week
Junior NCO  2 2 - 3 months 1 - 2 weeks
Officers Housing
Category Bedroom Garden Tower
Field Grade 4 1-3 months N/A
Field Grade 3 1-3 months 1 week
Company Grade 4 1-3 months N/A
Company Grade 3 1-3 months 1 week
Company Grade 2 1-3 months 1 week

Note: Average waiting times are estimates based on historical data, future impact of renovations, current residents change in status, etc. These estimates are for planning purposes only. The summer months are traditionally a heavier PCS season, and as such, usually incur the longest waits. The housing waiting lists are updated twice a month and are posted at two locations: at the housing office in Bldg. 937 and Billeting.

Assignments to Family Housing cannot be made until the member is present for duty at the installation with the exception of UDR families and base closure transition personnel. The Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) between the United States and Japan may take precedence over Air Force policy. The service member should contact their Military Personnel Flight for information on SOFA status.

Incoming service members will be allowed a housing preference of either a tower or garden unit in desired location. The service member will be offered the first-available on-base unit regardless of stated preference.

The member may choose to turndown their first offer; however they will forfeit TLA effective on the date the unit would have been available. The member will maintain their place on the waiting list, and their second offer will be the first house available that meets their preference.

Once an offer is accepted in writing, a move-in-date will be provided. The housing counselor will brief the member to contact TMO to schedule their HHG delivery. The member will also contact FMO to schedule the 90-day only loaner kit government furniture delivery.

Email questions to 374ceshousing@yokota.af.mil or call DSN (315) 225-7114.

(Current as of October 2010)