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E-FOIA Reading Room

The Electronic Freedom of Information Act , FOIA [5 USC 552(a)(2)(D)], requires that certain documents of interest to the general public be published electronically. Our command has determined that the materials reflected in the "Yokota E-FOIA Reading Room" should be made available to the general public in electronic form as FOIA-processed (a) (2) (D) records.

FOIA requesters who have any questions concerning the processing of their requests should contact the PACAF FOIA Requester Service Center at either DSN 448-4795, DSN 449-4795. If you are not satisfied with the response from the center, you may contact the FOIA Public Liaison, at 703-588-6102. The email address for the FOIA Public Liaison is af.foia@pentagon.af.mil.

Reading Room The following records are released to the general public as (a) (2) (D) records: Point of Contact

Base FOIA Office: DSN # 315-225-8644/Commercial # 011-81-31175-58644

Frequently Requested Information and Publicly Available Sources For This Information

  1. Historical information on the Air Force:
    • Air Force Historical Research Agency
      600 Chennault Circle
      Maxwell AFB AL 36112-6424
      Phone: (334) 952-2966
      Fax: (334) 953-4096
    • National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
      8th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW
      Washington DC 20408
      Phone: (202) 501-5400
    • Superintendent of Documents
      United States Government Printing Office (GPO)
      Washington DC 20402
      Phone: (202) 512-1800

      NOTE: GPO stocks and sells over 24,000 publications, periodicals, and subscription services. A listing of government periodicals and subscription services sold by GPO is available to citizens at no charge. Citizens are encouraged to avail themselves to resources at public and school libraries, because many of them receive GPO listings.

  2. Air Force Fact Sheets:
  3. Air Force Contracts:
    • Information pertaining to Air Force contracts my be found at: http://farsite.hill.af.mil/regpdf/dfars/Appendix%20G/appendix_g-5.pdf

      Additional information concerning government contracts is available from the Federal Procurement Data Center at:

      Federal Procurement Data Center
      7th & D Streets, NW
      Washington DC 20407
      Phone: (202) 401-1529
      Fax: (202) 401-1546

  4. DOD Telephone Directory:
    • Superintendent of Documents
      US Government Printing Office
      Washington DC 20402

  5. For locator service, write to:
The Air Force does not maintain files or records pertaining to individuals no longer on active duty. When an individual is separated form military and civilian service (because of retirement, discharge from active duty, or death), his or her Filed Personnel File (containing all service and health records) is forwarded for storage to the National Personnel Records Center. The Records Center is under the jurisdiction of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). An individual's complete personnel file is available to the former member or, if deceased, to his or her next of kin (parents, spouse, or children). Limited information about dates of service, awards, and training is available to anyone but, information that would invade an individual's privacy (i.e., current home address, Social Security Account Number, medical records, etc) is not available to the general public.

If requesting the records of a relative, a requester should mention the relationship to the former member (sister, brother, uncle, or other). There is no charge to former service members or their next of kin for this service. However, for all other requesters, there is a nominal fee charged for research and reproduction costs. In this regard, files at the Records Center are maintained as historical records only and are not updated to reflect current data on the former member. The addresses for the National Personnel Record Center are listed below, or visit them at: http://www.archives.gov/st-louis/military-personnel/ for general information.

National Personnel Records Center
Military Personnel Records
9700 Page Boulevard
St Louis MO 63132
Phone: (314) 263-3901

National Personnel Records Center
Civilian Personnel Records
St. Louis MO 63118
Phone: (314) 425-5761

For individuals compiling family histories, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) provides assistance to those interested in genealogy. NARA normally charges a nominal fee for research and reproduction costs. Its address is:

National Archives and Records Administration
8th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington DC 20408
Phone: (202) 501-5400

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