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Related Services (RS) Process

Related Services (RS) Process

Pre-referral: Parents, teachers, or others identify a child who has difficulties with learning. Interventions are discussed that may help the child to be more successful in the learning process.

Referral: If the interventions are not successful, then the parents or teachers will make a referral to the Case Study Committee (CSC).

Evaluation: Special tests, observations, and other activities will collect information that will determine if the child needs special education services. The evaluations will be conducted by a specially trained team of professionals. Parents will be asked to provide specific information to assist with the evaluations.

Eligibility: The CSC reviews all the evaluation information to determine if the child needs special education services. Eligibility will be based on specific criteria established by the Department of Defense.

IEP: Parents, school personnel, and other professionals develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that outlines the special education and related services that the child needs to succeed in school. The team determines the best learning environment for the child, based on the individual needs, strengths, goals, and services required.

Annual Review: A child's progress is reviewed annually to determine progress toward the goals on the IEP.

Triennial Review: A child with an IEP must have a complete evaluation every three years to determine current educational needs and to determine continued eligibility.