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Services Offered

Referrals to EDIS can come from medical professionals or families themselves. All children who are referred to EDIS must receive a timely and an appropriate evaluation to determine eligibility for services.

For Early Intervention Services (EIS) a family may be referred by the child's primary care physician. Often the signs of developmental delay, or risk factors for delay are apparent at birth or in the early months. These may be identified in the newborn nursery, during well-baby checks, or during routine health care visits. Often, parents will notice that their child is not developing as expected and bring their concerns to the physician's attention. Other parents may have heard about EDIS from local community agencies or other parents and call the program directly for information. Some families may be referred to EDIS from their day care provider who notices that the child is not developing like typical children.

EDIS provides Related Services (RS) to eligible school age children as part of their special education program in overseas locations only. All school age referrals must enter the EDIS program through the DoD Education Activity (DoDEA) Special Education system. Once a referral is made by the school Case Study Committee (CSC) it will be sent to EDIS if a formal evaluation for certain areas is necessary. If you have concerns about your school-age child's development, please contact your local DoDD Schools Case Study Committee (CSC) for more information regarding their Special Education Program.