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13th Air Force Detachment 1

13th Air Force Shield (Color). Image provided by the Air Force Historical Research Agency. In accordance with Chapter 3 of AFI 84-105, commercial reproduction of this emblem is NOT permitted without the permission of the proponent organizational/unit commander. The image was created by Andy Yacenda of the Air Force News Agency and is 7x7 inches @ 300 dpi.

13th Air Force

Represents the Commander, 13th Air Force to Japan Air Self-Defense Force and U.S. Forces Japan for full-spectrum operations within the Japan area.
The detachment also provides operational expertise and interface between 13th AF and JASDF via the Bilateral Air Operations Coordination System and Bilateral Air Component Coordination Element during contingencies. 

Provides core personnel to the 13th AF BACCE during
contingencies. Provides core personnel to the 13th AF Air Component
Coordination Element to act as liaison with various bilateral and/or
joint agencies during contingency operations and exercises. 

The detachment represents the operational arm of Pacific Air Forces, 13th AF, in Japan to work the operational to tactical level of intelligence, operations, plans, logistics and communications issues that strengthen the alliance.