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  • Gate Procedures


    All gates will remain operational with the procedures and hours stated below.




    PRIMARY SCREENING PROCEDURE: There will be signs at the gates directing primary screening and ID checks. As individuals arrive at the gate, signs will direct drivers to keep windows rolled up and all individuals inside the vehicle to respond to questions with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. If a thumbs down is given for all questions, individuals will be allowed to proceed onto base. If a thumbs up is given for any question, individuals will be directed to the appropriate secondary screening site managed by the 374th Medical Group.


    Fussa Gate: Positive primary screeners will proceed to the VCC for secondary screening.

    Supply Gate: Positive primary screeners will be held at the gate until a mobile screening team arrives to complete secondary screening. MLCs who have a positive primary screening will be turned away and instructed to contact their liaison to arrange for secondary screening.

    Terminal/West Gates: Positive primary screeners will be turned around and sent down Route 16 to Fussa Gate/VCC for secondary screening.

    East Gate: Positive primary screeners will be escorted by a medical vehicle to the Medical Group screening tent for secondary screening.

    Tama Gate: There is not a secondary screening option. If an individual has a positive primary screening, he or she will be turned away.

    Gate Hours of Operation:

    Fussa Gate: 0600-2100 (Vehicle); 0600-0100 (Pedestrian)

    Supply Gate: (Only for JASDF and Civilian Contractor Personnel): Monday to Friday; 0600- 1800 (Vehicle); 0600-1800 (Pedestrian) 3

    Terminal: 24/7 Access for Vehicles; No Pedestrian Traffic

    West Gate: 24/7 Access for Vehicles; No Pedestrian Traffic except for 0100-0600

    East Gate: 0600-2100 (Vehicle); 0600-0100 (Pedestrian)

    Tama Gate: 24/7 Access for Vehicle/Pedestrian Traffic

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