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Yokota Air Base is now receiving and releasing information regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine, to read more about it, the appropriate articles are linked below:

First wave of COVID-19 vaccines arrives at Yokota    

374th MDG administers initial COVID-19 vaccines


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The Center For Disease Control is a reputable source regarding the most current information on the vaccine and related links are below: 

Information about the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

What to expect after getting the COVID-19 vaccine

Ensuring the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine

Benefits of getting the COVID-19 vaccine


Yokota continues to refine the ROM process to mitigate any potential exposure. Now, more than ever, sponsors are encouraged to find new and creative ways to continue to support their inbound personnel and be fully involved throughout their arrival.

However, sponsors will no longer be authorized to pick up personnel directly from the terminal in order to reduce the risk of possible COVID-19 exposure. Instead, inbound personnel will be taken via shuttle to Bldg. 400, which will be the ROM reception area and will service personnel until their lodging or residence is ready. The ROM reception area amenities will include wi-fi, pet relief area, seating, and a DSN phone for use. Food may be delivered via delivery options or sponsor drop-off.

Sponsors will ensure lodging or housing is reserved and coordinated. In addition, they will ensure that Pet Care Center or pet friendly lodging reservations are made when necessary. When applicable, keys need to be dropped off at Bldg. 400, Room 107 between 0800 and 1000 Monday through Friday at least one day prior to the newcomer’s arrival.

Members flying into commercial airports with pets will need to reserve pet transportation 3 weeks in advance through FSS.

Your health and well-being continues to be our top priority.