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  • Vaccine Update

    Consistent with higher headquarters direction, Yokota AB will be accelerating the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to more Phase 1 personnel. Individuals selected are based on medical necessity and continuation of mission essential operations and services.

    Due to changes in the distribution timeline, there may be more opportunities for specified groups to receive their first dose and as well as changes to second dose schedules.

    Every effort will be made to contact all individuals affected by this change. If there are any questions, please reach out to your healthcare provide by utilizing proper methods, such as Secure Messenger (which can be accessed via www.tricareonline.com) or placing a telephone consult with your provider (DSN: 225-8864 or Cell: 042-552-2510 Ext. 58864).

    The Department of Defense has full confidence in the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine has been authorized for use under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).  That means the vaccine is voluntary and personnel are highly encouraged to educate themselves about the vaccine in order to receive it. None of the factors that contributed to the accelerated development of a COVID-19 vaccine imply that safety, scientific or ethical integrity are compromised, or that short-cuts have been made.

    Although the vaccination process has begun, all personnel should continue to diligently adhere to all protective measures in accordance with the latest Public Health Emergency policy:

    • Wear a mask
    • Maintain social distancing
    • Sanitize common touched surfaces
    • Regularly wash your hand with soap
    • Limit non-mission-essential social gatherings


    Besides the protective measures we’ve observed together as a community, the vaccine will be our first real offensive tool to prevent future spread of the COVID virus. The vaccine will help protect your health, your families and our entire community, and lower the public health risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The vaccine distribution process is phase-driven to safely protect DoD personnel from COVID-19 as fairly and as quickly as possible while also ensuring continued DoD mission capability. We will continue to share information to the maximum extent possible regarding administration of the vaccine, to include notification to groups on the timeline for their particular phase. We appreciate your continued patience and support.

    For more information on the vaccine administered at Yokota Air Base, please refer to: