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  • AMDS Hosts Healthy Living Course

    As we become consumed with the routines of our daily lives, there may be times when we lose our ability to live a healthy lifestyle. This is where members of the 374th Aerospace Medicine Squadron come into play as they offer a healthy living course the first Friday of every month at the Professional Development Center from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.The
  • Singer Joins AF, Gains Experience

    Silence spread throughout the room as all eyes were focused on her. She performed in front of people before, but this time, it was different.Senior Airman Alycia Cancel, U.S. Air Force band of Pacific-Asia vocalist, joined the U.S. Air Force to gain musical experience prior to becoming a music teacher, and her first performance was singing the
  • Iwo Jima: A time to Reflect

    A long, now partially paved five-mile path leads the way through dense green brush, the destination, Mount Suribachi. The road is long and winding at times, with the occasional shrine and memorial nestled into the land offering travelers a chance to reflect on the history that has occurred here. As the peak nears, glimpses of the surrounding
  • 374th Metal Tech Makes Custom Parachute Racks for Aircrew

    A parachute rack hangar fixture lays mounted to a work station at the 374th Maintenance Squadron aircraft metals technology shop, Jan. 24, 2018, at Yokota Air Base, Japan. The rack was built in-house and is used to hold parachutes inside of airplanes.
  • Let it Snow

    As the snow falls over Yokota and base residents stay warm indoors, many Airmen are diligently working in the cold to ensure the base can continue to function in the extreme weather. After a recent storm, the base recorded 12.5 inches of snowfall during a 24 hour period. Across the base various squadrons and flights worked diligently to ensure that
  • Special Victims' Counsel

    The U.S. Air Force established the Special Victim’s Counsel to help combat sexual assault and give victims a voice in the military justice system.Their purpose is to provide advice, advocacy, and empower victims of sexual assault through independent legal representation.“We are our client’s middleman,” said Staff Sgt. Karen Hamlett, Air Force Legal
  • Military Working Dogs

    The priority of safety and security of Yokota Air Base and its residents is second to none, and on the front lines of the base’s defense are some of the hardest working four legged members of Team Yokota. The 374th Security Forces Squadron’s military working dogs and their handlers work long hours to ensure that no dangerous or illegal substances
  • Yokota Striders Hosted the 37th Annual Frostbite Run

    A freezing morning at Yokota Air Base didn’t stop about 12,000 people from gathering on Yokota’s roads for the 37th Annual Yokota Striders Frostbite Run Half-Marathon and 5K and 2K Road Race, Jan. 14, 2018.The race has grown in popularity and now attracted more than 8,000 runners in the half-marathon alone, 3,000 runners in the 5K run, and 700
  • Yokota Striders hosted the 37th Annual Frostbite Run

    On a freezing morning at Yokota Air Base, it didn’t stop about 12,000 people from descending upon Yokota’s roads for the 37th Annual Yokota Striders Frostbite Run Half-Marathon and 5K and 2K Road Race, Jan. 14, 2018.
  • CMF, AS complete drop training

    The sun begins to set in the distance and reddish-orange color consumes Mt. Fuji as four C-130J Super Hercules soar through the skies during golden hour to drop bundles during a training scenario.Airmen from the 374th Logistics Readiness Squadron Combat Mobility Flight and 36th Airlift Squadron completed joint containerized delivery system airdrop