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  • Security forces protecting Airmen in Iraq

    Airmen from every part of the Air Force have been tasked to deploy all around the world. This has changed the face of the Air Force and the experiences Airmen have learned to deal with. Capt. Mel Turner, 374th Security Forces Squadron Operations Officer, learned these lessons during his last deployment to Balad Air Base, Iraq. The mission itself
  • Airmen on the roads of Iraq

    Airmen today sometimes have to deal with many harsh realities while deployed. The men and women of the 374th Logistics Readiness Squadron can contest to this situation. Some of these Airmen went from a normal three or four month deployment, to an eight or nine month deployment, driving convoys throughout Iraq. Additionally, these Airmen have many
  • Base, community bids farewell to 374 AW commander

    Yokota Warriors will say farewell to Col. Scott Goodwin, 374th Airlift Wing commander, and his wife Ann, during a change of command ceremony Thursday at 9 a.m. at Hangar 15. "It's been a busy two years making sure the mission happens safely, Airmen and their families were cared for and the base is positioned for success in the future," said Colonel
  • Yokota celebrates America

    The 374th Services Squadron helped Yokota Airmen celebrate Independence Day Wednesday by hosting Celebrate America. The celebration, held in Hangar 15, consisted of many events including a scavenger hunt, three-point shoot out and cookie challenge. Although the rain was cause for some events to be cancelled, participants did not let it damper their
  • Yokota welcomes its newest member the C-12 Huron

    As Yokota Air Base's final C-21A Learjet leaves Japan, a new brethren of the sky comes in, the C-12J Huron. With the arrival of the C-12 to fill the empty void of the recently departed C-21, the mission of the 459th Airlift Squadron will continue. The C-12 is a twin turboprop aircraft used to transport cargo, senior-level passengers and aero
  • C-21 makes final flight at Yokota

    After more than 62,000 mishap-free flying hours and 21 years of service, Yokota Air Base's C-21 transport jet ended its service here as base officials held a ceremony honoring the final departure of the C-21 June 29. The base's four C-21s with the 459th Airlift Squadron have been replaced by three C-12J Hurons, a twin-turboprop aircraft that landed
  • Outdoor safety paramount during summer

    During the summer months people need to keep in mind safety especially since children are out of school and, in general, people spend more time outdoors. "The incidents usually associated with summer are mishaps such as tripping or falling over children's toys, wires, and other hazards. Additionally, accidents involving children at play grounds,
  • School is out, curfews still in effect

    Yokota Air Base schools are out for the summer, but curfews for minors on base are still in effect. Due to summer break, curfew hours have been extended to midnight to 5:30 a.m. for high school juniors and seniors, but original curfews, 10:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m., remain in effect for all other school-age minors. "I believe the curfew is a good thing
  • Japanese, Americans remember their fallen

    On June 19, 1945, during World War II, a formation of B-29 bombers took part in an air raid over Shizuoka, Japan. Thousands of Japanese civilians perished along with 23 Airmen when two of the B-29 bombers collided. After the raid Mr. Fukumatsu Itoh and other survivors of the raid rescued two aircrew members, who later died from their wounds and