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  • Internet-based testing coming to Yokota

    Beginning July 10, Airmen and civilians will have the luxury of an Internet Based Testing program through the 374th Mission Support Squadron Education office. The new IBT allows the Dantes Subject Standardized test taken to receive an instant test score. in the past it took four to six weeks to get the results. With this instant grading ability,
  • Master, technical sergeant promotion rates announced

    Approximately 100 staff sergeants and 60 technical sergeants from Yokota were selected for promotion Friday.The Air Force selected 6,002 of 24,115 eligible technical sergeants for promotion to master sergeant, and 7,314 of 39,797 eligible staff sergeants for promotion to technical sergeant. The master sergeant selection rate, 24.89 percent, rose
  • Helping families cope with deployment

    Deployments are part of military life and for service members with families left behind, they can become very stressful. The Airman and Family Readiness Center here offers a chance to help these families cope with the hardships of separation. Activities are available monthly for families of deployed military members. These events focus on promoting
  • Unit self inspections help people prepare for UCI

    During the Unit Self Inspection Week, which ended Friday, units were encouraged to ensure their records and paperwork was up to date."Some of the most important areas for units to pay attention to include the Voting Assistance Program, sexual harassment education and prevention, safety, contracted functions and Government Purchase Card items," said
  • DODDS students compete in math contest

    Military children in Japan competed May 23 at the 25th Annual Soroban Contest in Tokyo to show off their mathematical skills. When asked a tough mathematical problem, most people would pull out their calculators and start plugging away, but many Department of Defense Dependent School students in the Yokota Air Base region have learned the art of
  • Yokota youths graduate safe and sound

    Many parents at Yokota Air Base slept soundly last week knowing their high school graduates were in good hands graduation night. Project Graduation is an all-night party sponsored by many schools throughout the United States and at military bases overseas to keep students safe and apart from alcohol and drugs. "The opportunity to gather the seniors
  • Yokota students move onward

    Some American students share similar experiences while in high school whether living in a small town of 500 or a big city of one million. For the children attending Department of Defense Dependent School System at an overseas location their life and experiences may be a little different from an average American student. Many will move on to
  • Being Red Cross ready helps during emergencies

    Being prepared for emergencies is crucial at home, school, work and in the community, but how does someone prepare for something as devastating as an earthquake or tsunami? The best way to stay "Red Cross Ready" is to have a kit, make a plan and be informed, said Jane Dustman of the Yokota Air Base Red Cross office. "There are several things that
  • U.S., Japanese Airmen meet for cultural exchange

    Air Force and Japan Air Self Defense Force officers came together at the JASDF's Meguro College here May 31 for an English language cultural exchange. During the year-long Command and Staff Course at the college, JASDF majors and captains learn the necessary skills to take on future challenges. One skill these officers don't have a lot of