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  • Yokota adopts 0-0-1-3 program for responsible drinking

    Problem drinking, especially binge drinking, is a national health crisis. Research shows that some individuals start drinking at an early age. Alcohol is a major factor, nationwide, in crimes of all types to include sexual assault, suicide, homicide, domestic violence, physical assaults, and varying vehicular accidents. Binge drinking is 10 times
  • New unit strengthens US-Japan alliance

    More than a year of planning reaches another milestone in strengthening the U.S.-Japan Security Alliance Jan. 5 during a ceremony activating Detachment 1, 13th Air Force at Yokota Air Base, Japan. Colonel Michael MacWilliam, formerly the 5th AF director of operations and plans, will command the detachment, which will be tightly integrated with 5th
  • 5th Air Force mission reaches far beyond Pacific-Asia region

    Fifth Air Force may call the Pacific area of responsibility its home, but our Airmen and families accomplish missions all over the world. Even as we continue to ensure security and stability in Japan and build even stronger bilateral ties with our Japan Air Self Defense Force partners, our men and women are supporting joint warfighters in other
  • Airmen return from deployments

    In the early morning on Jan. 17, approximately 100 Airmen from Yokota Air Base were welcomed home by their families, friends and coworkers from deployments in support of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. Most of the Airmen had been gone on 120-day orders to the Central Command area of operations since October, continuing the 374th Airlift
  • Yokota Herc wins deployed Aircraft of the Month

    A Yokota C-130, tail number 74-1685, deployed to the 386th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, won the Aircraft of the Month award recently and garnered recognition for the aircrew, deployed from the 374th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. "Crew chiefs are a competitive bunch," said Lt. Col. Miklos Kiss, 386th Expeditionary Aircraft