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  • Yokota Hosts Bilateral Aviation Safety

    Airmen from the 374th Airlift Wing Safety Office and 353rd Special Operations Group Safety Office hosted guests from the Tokyo Aviation Police and the Japanese Coast Guard to speak about Yokota’s operational procedures on Mid Air Collision Avoidance or MACA, April 7, at Yokota Air Base, Japan.“MACA, in short, keeps aircraft from flying into each
  • Rescue Rodeo

  • 459 AS showcases CAPEX during Friendship Festival

    Yokota’s 459th Airlift Squadron showcased one of their UH-1 mission sets during a Capabilities Exercise (CAPEX) at the 2018 Japanese-American Friendship Festival, Sept. 15-16 at Yokota Air Base, Japan to give approximately 145,000 visitors a better understanding of what the 459th AS does in Japan and how crew members and aircraft interact to accomplish their missions.