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Shipping your Privately Owned Vehicle (POV)

Members who are assigned to Australia are advised that they may incur costs associated with required modifications and road worthiness prior to registering the POV. Modification requirements may cost more than $1,000USD and are not reimbursable by the DoD. Customers should ensure their POV has good tires as inadequate tire tread is a common trend among imports. Purchasing tires within Australia can be a costly expense. Some POVs require a replacement/realignment of headlights and installation of amber turn signals.

Due to lengthy transit times and registration requirements, personnel assigned to Australia for one-year tours should contact their origin transportation office for more information on possible storage options.

Right hand drive POVs from countries other than Australia are NOT recommended. These POVs do NOT meet Australia design requirements, are NOT fitted with an Australia Compliance Plate, and are NOT authorized to convert to Australia specifications. It is not recommended to import this type of POV into Australia as it must either be exported to an acceptable location, sold to another SOFA customer, or destroyed at the completion of your tour. A right hand drive POV cannot be imported to CONUS unless it is converted to meet U.S. safety and emission standards, which may cause major expenses to the owner.


Vehicle Import Approval

All POVs will require a Vehicle Import Approval.  You can submit one by following the instructions below.

Log in to the website below and click “Register for VIS online”


**Use your personal e-mail address

Once you register, the Department of Infrastructure will send you an email confirming your registration.  You may then use the portal to complete and submit your import application.

You will then complete and submit an application by logging onto the Client Portal and going to the ‘Enter New Application’ tab. Note that loading times for the form may vary depending on your internet connection.

Select the vehicle import option(s) you wish to apply for and complete the form(s). It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that applications are submitted with complete and accurate details, including supporting evidence. If you do not have all the necessary information, you may save the form in draft and return to it later.

Once you have completed and submitted the form, you will pay the $50AUD application fee by credit card using your client portal. After the application fee is paid, your lodgment is complete and your application may be assessed.

You will be required to fill out the Statutory Declaration and Asbestos Declaration.  Both forms will need to be turned in to the Department of Infrastructure with the e-mail address that is provided on the website.


Statutory Declaration

This form is required for members to obtain their Vehicle Import Approval and will be submitted directly to the Department of Infrastructure.  Prior to submitting, please follow the detailed instructions provided on page 2 of the form.  It will include a list of the water ports located in Australia, by territory.  Once you fill out the form, send it to us so that the Transportation Officer can verify and sign the bottom.  E-mail: 337asuf.lgt@us.af.mil

Those posted in the locations below will route their POV as follows:

Canberra: Port of Sydney

Darwin: Port of Adelaide


Asbestos Declaration

Members will need to ensure their POV is free of asbestos prior to shipping it to Australia.  This requirement will be met by doing one of the options below.

Obtain a formal letter from the vehicle manufacturer (e.g. Ford, Nissan, etc) stating the vehicle was made with asbestos-free parts. If aftermarket parts have been installed in the POV (to include brakes), you will also need to obtain a letter from a mechanic certifying the aftermarket parts are asbestos-free.

If letter(s) cannot be obtained, you will be required to have your POV inspected for asbestos and provide the inspection documentation with the declaration. Members are only allowed to utilize approved testing facilities which can be found at www.ilac.org

When filling out the form, please leave the following sections blank:

  • Vehicle Import Approval Number- this will be filled in by the Department of Infrastructure when you turn it in.
  • Consignment Identifier/Numerical Link – Not applicable