Yokota Dining Facilities

The Samurai Café Dining Facility is a full-service dining operation, offering hot meals and grab n' go items for dining in or for carry out. The team at the Samurai Café is dedicated to providing the Yokota community with delicious and nutritious meals in a pleasant, relaxing environment.

Those eligible to dine at the Samurai Café are: Active Duty Enlisted personnel, retirees, TDY DoD Civilians and TDY Officers when directed on orders.

The Samurai Café is proud to announce the free wireless service available for customer use. Now you can bring your wireless notebook or PDA and enjoy the convenience of checking email or surfing the web while having a great meal! 

Flight Kitchen. The Air Force Flight Feeding program provides nutritious, appetizing meals to passengers and crew of Air Force aircraft.

To help ensure standardization and equal quality of meals across the Air Force, the Services Core Flight Feeding Program is used. The core program establishes minimum standards for meals provided in Air Force flight kitchens. Because the Samurai Café Flight Kitchen follows this program, you can be sure your meals are of the same high-quality every time you fly into or out of Yokota Air Base.

To order flight meals contact the Flight Kitchen team at 225-9006 for instructions.