Six C-130Js taxi on the flightline to conduct training operations for static-line jump training during Airborne 24


  • No Heat, No Cool: Yokota's seasonal HVAC changeover for 2024

    “No heat, no cool,” conducted each spring and fall, is when Yokota’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems go offline. This enables Airmen from the 374th Civil Engineer Squadron to maintain Yokota's HVAC infrastructure by performing routine, preventative maintenance.

  • Annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey

    The Department of the Air Force (DAF) has contracted with CEL and Associates, Inc. (CEL) to conduct the FY24 DoD Annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey for Privatized Housing (PH) and Government-owned Family Housing that launched on March 4, 2024 to April 18, 2024. All housing tenants in DAF privatized

  • Volunteers needed for annual evacuation exercise

    The wing is currently looking for families to participate in the upcoming evacuation exercise, April 8, for approximately 2-4 hours.School will be out this day, so we welcome and encourage children to participate to in the evaluation process. Families are asked to process with luggage and empty pet

  • Defense Travel System Outage

    Be aware that DTS will be down from 24 - 28 March, 2024. All authorizations for travel beginning now through April 2, 2024, must be signed, reviewed, and approved NLT 22 March. The DTS outage also affects the ability to submit vouchers, please submit any voucher by 22 March or after 28 March.

  • Japanese-American Friendship Festival 2024

    We are excited to announce that Yokota Air Base is scheduled to open its gates to the local community for the annual Japanese-American Friendship Festival 2024 on May 18 and May 19.This festival is a long-standing tradition meant to continue the strong partnership between Yokota Air Base and the

  • Sakura Spring Festival 2024

    We are excited to announce that Yokota Air Base is scheduled to open its gates to the local community for the annual Sakura Spring Festival 2024 on April 6.

  • Yokota Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign Kick-Off!

    The annual Yokota Air Force Assistance Fund (AFAF) campaign will be kicking off again TODAY, 4 March 2024, giving us all another opportunity to help our fellow Airmen and Guardians when they need it most. The AFAF campaign supports four charities that are dedicated to caring for Airmen and Guardians

  • MHS GENESIS Announcement

    The Yokota Air Base Pharmacy is temporarily unable to process prescriptions due to an enterprise wide MHS GENESIS downtime.

  • GUNDAM 22 Memorial Service

    On Thursday, February 15th, our community will gather to honor the fallen CV-22 aircrew of Gundam 22 following the aircraft mishap on Nov. 29, 2023. All members of Team Yokota are invited to attend.The day will include two major events: a memorial service at the Taiyo Community Center and a retreat