374th Medical Group

Ensures medical readiness of 374th Airlift Wing, 5th Air Force and U.S. Forces Japan. Maintains 64 war reserve material projects, including the U.S. Air Force's largest Patient Movement Item inventory. Deploys Expeditionary Medical Support for global contingency operations. Operates a 15-bed facility expandable to 115 beds. Provides health care, including occupational health, preventive medicine and environmental protection to more than 11,000 personnel.

374th Medical Support Squadron
Provides financial, manpower, logistics, information systems, personnel, diagnostic and therapeutic services and training resources in support of over 504 staff and 11,000 beneficiaries. Maintains 47 war reserve materiel projects valued at $16 million and the Air Force's largest Patient Movement Item  program valued at $34 million. Responsible for planning, policy development and management of a $44 million annual operations and maintenance, human resources and Tricare budget and $63 million medical equipment repair center.

374th Medical Operations Squadron
Promotes health and fitness to over 11,000 people with an annual budget of $2.5 million in support of airlift operations at the largest overseas runway in Pacific Air Forces. Maximizes skills of over 85 professionals to prepare medically ready forces anytime, anywhere. Optimizes a diagnostic imaging service as well as 12 primary care teams, including family practice, immunizations, pediatrics, dermatology and internal medicine clinics, a mental health clinic and an urgent care department which sustains 24/7 ambulance response and patient transfer operations.

374th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Provides public health, occupational, environmental, health and wellness, optometry, aerospace medical services to 374th Airlift Wing, 5th Air Force, U.S. Forces Japan, tenant units, 20 geographically separated units and embassies serving over 11,000 wing beneficiaries with budget and assets worth over $1.6 million. Prepares wing personnel for deployment and ensures force health following redeployment; maintaining a combat-ready force. Directly supports air and space expeditionary force and joint task force combat and worldwide contingency operations.

374th Dental Squadron
We ensure maximum wartime readiness of the 374th Airlift Wing by providing timely, high-quality, comprehensive dental care for the active-duty population and other eligible beneficiaries. We deliver cost-effective, accessible dental care; promote healthy lifestyles through preventive dental services and education; and enable deployments of medical/dental resources for contingency operations worldwide.

374th Surgical Operations Squadron
Optimizes responsive, flexible expeditionary support with 80 personnel. Executes $744,000 annual operating budget to support 11,000 beneficiaries, including 5th Air Force, U.S. Forces Japan, 10 geographically separated units and embassies. Provides 24/7 care on 15-bed inpatient unit and four operating rooms. Manages state-of-the-art, cost-effective health care encompassing general surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, physical medicine, and ears, nose and throat clinics and an orthotics laboratory. Provides medical education and training.

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