374th Operations Group

Maintains a forward presence by providing rapid responsive movement of personnel, equipment and operational support in the Asia-Pacific region. Ensures the combat readiness of three operational squadrons using C-130J, C-12J and UH-1N aircraft. Conducts three distinct missions; intratheater airlift, aeromedical evacuation and distinguished visitor transport for U.S. Pacific Command and other agencies in support of national security policy.

36th Airlift Squadron
Only forward-based tactical airlift squadron in the Pacific. Maintains a forward presence and supports combat operations by providing responsive movement of personnel and equipment through aerial delivery and assault airland operations. Maintains C-130J mission-ready aircrew to conduct theater airlift, special operations, aeromedical evacuation, search and rescue, repatriation and humanitarian relief missions.

459th Airlift Squadron
Maintains a forward presence in the Pacific and provides responsive airlift support for distinguished visitors, as well as other priority passengers and cargo, on travel vital to the national security interest of the United States. Maintains both UH-1N and C-12J mission-ready aircrews to conduct aeromedical evacuation, search and rescue and priority airlift missions throughout the Pacific.

374th Operations Support Squadron
Maintains a forward presence in the Western Pacific, supporting U.S. Pacific Command interests. Provides for flight operations, intelligence, combat survival, aviation resource management, aircrew training, life support, weather forecasting and observing, combat tactics, mission scheduling, airfield management and air traffic control. Supports the group staff and two airlift squadrons operating UH-1N, C-12J, and C-130J aircraft.