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If your question relates specifically to Yokota Air Base, please see the questions below.
If you have a question which is not addressed here, you may find the answer by visiting the FAQs page of Pacific Air Forces. 
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 Airport Transportation

Questions about flying Space A out of the Yokota Passenger Terminal? You can find up to date information here.

What kind of transportation is available from Narita International Airport to Yokota Air Base?
You can find maps on how to get to the Yokota shuttle on the Yokota FSS Website.

If traveling to and from Narita you arrive at Terminal II, take the free airport shuttle bus that goes to Terminal I from bus stops number 8 or 18. Yokota and other DoD busses are located outside Terminal I, on the other side of the building with the clock tower. Base shuttle boarding time is 30 minutes prior to departure times.

To reach the DoD buses, walk outside towards the local hotel bus stops. To your right you will see an elevator. Take the elevator down and follow to the right, going through the doors which take you under the road. There is an escalator passage way that will take you to the building with the clock tower. Continue straight to the far end of the parking lot where the buses are parked.

Narita maps are available at the Yujo Recreation Center, and through the Narita Airport Web site.

Pricing information for the buses as well as other vehicle operations may be found at the 374th Force Support Squadron Web site.

If you wish to travel by Japan Rail, you may obtain information on the East Japan Railway Company Web site.

 American Forces Network

Studio Line:
DSN: 225-2379/2380
COMM: (042) 552-2510 ext 52379
Email Address:
DSN: 225-2361
Email Address:

How do I setup my DTH decoder?
Visit the American Forces Radio and Television Service Web site for specific details on how to set up your decoder.

Who is authorized AFRTS service?
Only DoD personnel are authorized AFRTS services. When collocated with other U.S. agencies (i.e. State Department), we do authorize the DoD site to share services with those agencies. Requests for AFRTS services from foreign governments/agencies are normally not approved. However, should providing such a service be considered in the best interests of U.S. national security, the senior State Department official (U.S. Ambassador) in a country may request an exception to policy through U.S. State Department channels. Further information on such a request should be addressed to AFIS/AFRTS.

Who provides your television programs?
The AFRTS Defense Media Center selects and purchases programs for the worldwide AFRTS system. It furnishes entertainment and information programming via satellite. AFRTS negotiates with program suppliers to acquire specific shows. However, program distributors must be willing to supply programs to AFRTS at no cost or for a nominal administrative fee. That fee generally covers paperwork, delivery and master tape duplication costs. If we cannot negotiate for the rights to distribute a program, AFRTS cannot broadcast it.

How are programs selected?
Weekly Nielsen (television) and Arbitron (radio) ratings in the United States and periodic DOD surveys are used by AFRTS to identify the most popular shows to match AFRTS audience demographics. In recent years, AFRTS has been able to acquire and air 90 to 95 percent of the top 75 U.S. prime time series. No single U.S. station or network provides a similar service.

Why can’t we copy AFRTS programs?
Copying AFRTS programs is a violation of U.S. copyright laws. AFRTS cannot authorize copying of any program provided by a program distributor.

Why don’t you broadcast stateside commercials?
DOD Regulation 5120.20R prohibits commercial advertising on AFRTS stations. We can't even promote membership drives for organizations requiring dues or a monetary fee for joining. Broadcasting commercials on AFN would put us in competition with local television and radio stations. Most host nation governments would not authorize transmission frequencies to AFRTS stations if commercial announcements were broadcast.

Why do you have so much sports on television?
A major portion of our audience wants to watch stateside sports-especially live coverage. In a broadcast year, sporting events constitute about 10 percent of the total AFRTS television schedule. Broadcast time devoted to sports on AFRTS is equal to-and in some cases less than-that on television stations in some major U.S. cities. Audience surveys show that roughly an equal number of respondents ask for more sports, less sports or continuing in the present amount of sports coverage. We provide our "Spectrum" channel which will not broadcast any sports.

Why so much emphasis on live football?
Time after time, surveys prove professional football and college football are the most popular television sporting events with only one exception: the Olympics. Our experience bears this out. However, we still try to present a representative sample of other major sports throughout the year.

Our policy is to present all major sports to the extent they are available from the United States. Football, basketball, and baseball games constitute the vast majority of sporting events AFRTS broadcasts. In addition, radio presents play-by-play coverage of games as they occur. But it is true that football represents the backbone of television sports. Recent AFRTS audience surveys indicate it is the number one sports choice among viewers and listeners.

Why are TV Guides inaccurate?
Newspapers and magazines publishing AFRTS schedules have editorial deadlines as much as four weeks ahead of the broadcast dates. Those deadlines commit tentative schedules to print. It's frequently necessary to adjust schedules after publications have printed them. AFRTS doesn't know weeks in advance what sports or special programs will be available. "Pacific Stars & Stripes" schedules are more accurate because of their ability to accept short-notice changes. The most accurate schedules are those broadcast on the various AFRTS channels. Current regulations restrict us from publishing our TV schedule on the internet.

Do you preview shows before broadcasting them?
U.S. television networks and AFRTS screen all shows for content and technical problems. Contract agreements with most producers and DOD directives prohibit AFRTS from censoring any material for any reason.

Does the Department of Defense tell you what to put in the news?
No. The DoD's policy is "free flow of information". We ensure this free flow by airing news from all the major networks and cable broadcasting companies, as well as other news sources like National Public Radio.

Can you broadcast more news about my base or post?
AFN Tokyo and the staff of Pacific Report work closely with public affairs offices to determine the most important local events. We don't have enough people to cover all events at your location, so we cover as many events as we can.

Can you broadcast more news about Japan?
Our first priority is DoD news. We concentrate on news not covered by wire services and other sources. The next priority is host-country information. U.S. news services don't cover host-nation events in the depth we need, so we do our best to bring you news relevant to your stay here.

Can I get a copy of a news story broadcast on AFN?
No. AFI 35-101, para 11.24.17 states that Air Force Broadcast Service outlets are not staffed or equipped to provide copies of local productions for private use. Your best bet is to call us and find out when the story you're interested will be on, so you can tape it yourself. See the AFN contact information web page.

How do I get an announcement on AFN Tokyo?
AFN Tokyo is authorized to air announcements for DoD organizations and base-approved private groups. Just send us your information at least seven days in advance for radio, and two weeks in advance for television. We'll take care of the rest. You can expect to hear your announcement starting approximately one week before the event. We may also produce spot announcements (commercials) for recurring items and special events or policies.

Why can’t I get AFN TV off base?
Host nations authorize transmitter locations and power to avoid interfering with other stations and electronic equipment. We can't always get the frequencies or power we think is best for our audience. Currently, AFN Tokyo is not authorized a broadcast frequency for television. So, AFN programming is only available on base cable systems.

Who is responsible for the television signal?
AFRTS is responsible for signal quality to the point where the broadcasts are put on your base cable system. From there, your installation cable office handles any signal problems. Occasionally, you may see video "freeze-frame" or hear audio drop-outs or "chirps" . These are problems inherent to digital satellite transmission technology, but we do make every effort to minimize these occurrences.

Can you play more of my kind of music?
Most stateside cities have several stations catering to specific musical tastes. We don't have that luxury, so we have to try and provide programming that the majority of the people in our audience like to hear. That is why our live radio shows consist of Adult Contemporary music. Additional music, sports and news programming is available on your base FM cable system.

Can I get a copy of music from your library?
No. AFRTS agreements with record and production companies restrict the use of music to broadcasts for our audience. Using this music for any other purpose would violate strict copyright laws and contract requirements.

Why did I hear/see a stateside commercial on AFRTS?
Some newscasts, sports coverage, and commercial radio network features have commercials or promotional announcements. We make every effort to cover commercials with AFRTS informational announcements, but sometimes they slip through. On the other hand, we can't do anything about promotional announcements made within the body of a program (like National Public Radio) because we are prohibited from editing programs we receive.

Why does my radio get such bad reception?
AM radio signals are particularly sensitive to interference from buildings and power lines. There's not much we can do about that. On-base residents can pick up our AM broadcast signal on the FM cable system. Call your base cable office for details.

Can I get a copy of your radio schedule?
Yes. Just call us and we'll be happy to send you one. Schedules are also available in the "Pacific Stars & Stripes" and online.

Does it help to complain?
AFN Tokyo welcomes your valuable comments. We treat letters seriously and will respond. Please keep in mind, however, that we serve and audience of nearly 45,000 people, so we may not be able to satisfy individual needs. Email us at:


 Birth Certificates and Medical Records

My child was born at the base hospital there at Yokota. How do I get copies of the birth certificate?
All birth records for children born abroad to U.S. citizen parent(s) are available through the U.S. State Department's Vital Records Section in Washington D.C. To obtain a copy of the "Consular Report of Birth (FS-240)" or "Certification of Report of Birth (DS-1350)", please go to the U.S. State Department's travel Web site.

Looking for your medical records for your time here at Yokota? The Medical Group may be able to help:

 Coming to Yokota

Just found out your getting stationed at Yokota? Check out our newcomers page for info: If you are in need of a sponsor and graduating technical school please reach out to your MTL.

Flying into Haneda or Narita and looking for shuttle information? 374 Force Support Squadron has you covered:

TDY or visiting Yokota and need a place to stay? The Kanto Lodge can help you with that:

Need information on getting access to Yokota or sponsoring a visitor? Please reach out to the security forces squadron Pass and Registration section:

Special Issuance Passport: All U.S. Civilian Employees and their families and Military dependents will require Special Issuance Passport in hand no later than April 1st 2022 to enter Japan. This requirement is for official travel only. A few examples would include PCS, Emergency Leave, COT, Student/Dependent Travel, and TDY to include those for medical purposes. Please see your local base or post passport office to begin your application. If you are assigned as a sponsor please ensure your inbound teammates are aware and receive Special Issuance Passports for their families before departing.

 Frequently Called Numbers

Frequently Called Numbers

Frequently Called Numbers List






 How can I apply for work on Yokota Air Base?
 Lodging Facilities

How can you make a reservation for lodging at Yokota Air Base?
Yokota's Lodging Operation, the Kanto Lodge, is one of PACAF's largest hotel operations. Each year over 130,000 people are housed in the Kanto Lodge's six, on-base facilities.

As Yokota is the main aerial port of Western Pacific, it consistently operates at 96 to 100 percent occupancy. Most permanent change in station, or PCS, personnel and their families coming in and leaving Yokota Air Base stay at the Kanto Lodge's temporarily lodging facilities. Meeting the mission needs of the 374th Airlift Wing and the assorted tenant units, this provides constant challenges for the lodging staff. Frequent guests include a Strategic Intra-theatre Deployment (SID) mission consisting of aircrews and the 517th Air Logistics Squadron, which directly support the base's flying mission. The Kanto Lodge accommodates over one hundred Air Mobility Command aircrews and over one hundred distinguished visitors each month. The lodging staff consistently meets the needs of area exercises, conferences and training at Yokota.

It is advised that new members of the Yokota community immediately visit the family housing office upon arrival.


Front Desk

The Kanto Lodge front desk is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can be reached by dialing DSN (315) 224-2002. The Front Desk in building 15 offers several services to our guests. If you need special assistance, please ask our associates. They will assist you if at all possible.

Loaner Items
Baby cribs and high chairs are available at no charge for lodging guests. To check out these items, contact the front desk at DSN (315) 224-2002.

Check in
Check in is at 1400 hours. If need a room earlier, you can call the Front Desk for an available room.

Check Out
Check out time is 1100 hours. Checkout after 1100 must be coordinated in advance with Lodging Reservations. At that time, Reservations will determine if an additional night stay will be assessed per AFI 34-246.

Lodging Fees 

*Room rates are subject to change

Visiting Quarters (VQs)
Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLFs) (all sizes) 
Distinguished VQs (all DVs)

Pet-Friendly Temporary Lodging Facility

$118.00 + $10.00/day pet fee


Payment Methods
The Kanto Lodge accepts cash, checks, Master Card and Visa for payment. ATM machines are available in front of the Community Bank, outside the drycleaner's building on the west side of Yokota AB, East Shoppette and Enlisted Club. Local currency may be exchanged at the Officers' and Enlisted Clubs, Community Bank and ATM machines. Advance payment is required at check-in. For long-term guests staying 15 days or more, payment must be made upon check-in and every 15 days thereafter. Partial travel vouchers can be submitted to the Yokota Finance Office for reimbursement. We now offer an ATM machine in the Kanto Lodge, Bldg. 15, Lobby.

Smoking Policy


In accordance with Air Force Lodging Instruction, Kanto Lodge is a 100% non-smoking facility. Smoking is not permitted in any of the lodge’s rooms or public areas. To ensure the comfort of non-smoking guests, a cleaning fee of up to $150.00 will be assessed to any guest who smokes in his or her room. Smoking in any lodging area is a direct violation of AFI 31-246.

Pet Policy
Effective 1 May 2016, Kanto Lodge will designate 8 3-bedroom TLF units as Pet Friendly. An additional fee of $10 per night will be incurred for this service. To make a reservation, shot records must be sent in advance or shown upon arrival. Additionally, a form will be signed upon arrival stating your responsibilities as the pet owner. The pet limit is two unless a signed waiver is present. In such a case, the pet owner must provide a reliable kennel for the animal to be housed in when owner's are not present. 

A cleaning fee of up to $150.00 will be assessed of pet evidence or found in a room not designated as such.

Vending and Snacks
Vending machines are conveniently located throughout our facilities. Additional items are also available at either the Lodging front desk or our Retail Store in Bldg. 15.

Laundry and Dry-Cleaning
Washers and dryers are available in all buildings. Their use is free of charge. Dry-cleaning and laundry service is available inside the Yokota Community Center and on the East Side Shoppette building. A coin-operated laundry facility is available on the west side next to the AAFES car lot.

Weapons Policy
Weapons and ammunition are not permitted in any quarters. Please contact Security Forces upon arrival for your weapon to be stored in the armory at 225-7227.


Mail can be delivered to the Lodging Office or held for a guest arrival.  Guests must pick up mail immediately upon notification. Personal mail can also be addressed to you at the following:

Your Name
General Delivery
APO, AP, 96328-5000

Call the Post Office at DSN (315) 225-7220 for more information.

Retail Store
The Kanto Lodge Retail store is located on the first floor of the Kanto Lodge. It offers sundries, souvenirs and apparel items. For your shopping convenience, the beautiful Japanese prints and artwork that adorn our lobby and hallways are for sale. Ask our staff in the retail store for details. Also available to Kanto Lodge guests are videos for rental and a book swap. The retail store is open daily from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Beauty and Barbershops
Beauty and Barbershops are located throughout base. Barbershops are located in the Officers' Club (DSN (315) 225-8433), the Enlisted Club (DSN (315) 227-8829), the Yokota Community Center (DSN (315) 225-8430) and the East Side Shoppette building (DSN (315) 225-8993). Beauty Shops are located in the Yokota Community Center (DSN (315) 225-8379) and the East Side Shoppette building (DSN (315) 225-3834).

Internet Service
Free Internet service is available in the Kanto Lodge for lodging guests. In addition, free password protected wireless service in the lobby area of the Kanto Lodge, Bldg. 15 is available to guest of the Kanto Lodge. Additional free Internet service is also available at the Yujo Community Center, Samurai Cafe Military Dining Facility and the Base Library. Please contact the Front Desk for more information at 224-2002.








 Married Overseas

Were you married while stationed at Yokota and looking for a copy of your certificate? Please contact the local municipality for where you lived:

 School Information

Can my child attend school on base if I live off base?
Yes. Students who live off base may enroll in Yokota schools. There is limited off-base school bus transportation available. Please contact the school bus transportation office for specific areas.

Is there a Gifted Program in DoDDS?
Numerous programs for students with special skills and abilities are available. Please contact the school counselor for specific information. Information is also available at the DoDEA Pacific Web site.

What age can my child start kindergarten?
Students may start kindergarten if they are 5 years old by Oct. 31 of the school year.

What are the employment opportunities with DoDDS?
Information can be obtained from DODEA Web site for full-time teaching positions, classroom aids, and clerical positions. Employment packets for substitute teachers can be picked up and dropped off at any of the schools. Candidates must be at least 18 years old, be SOFA status and have completed high school.

What are the graduation requirements for DoDDS?
Graduating students need 26 credits and must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 to graduate. See the Yokota High School parent/student hand book or Web site for specific requirements.

What are the immunization requirements?
Click here for DoDEA immunization requirements. There may be additional local requirements as directed by Department of Defense regulations. Please contact the school nurse for more information.

What are the start times and dismissal times of the local schools?
Tuesdays are Early Release Days
Yokota High School (YHS): Block schedule, 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. | Tues 8 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Yokota Middle School (YMS): Block Schedule, 8 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. | Tues 8 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Yokota West Elementary School (YWES): Standard Schedule, 7:45 a.m. - 2 p.m. | Tues 7:45 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Joan K. Mendel Elementary School (MES): Standard schedule, 8 a.m. - 2:10 p.m. | Tues 8 a.m. - 1:10 p.m.

What school will my child(ren) attend?
All Yokota middle-school-age students attend Yokota Middle School and all high-school-age students attend Yokota High School. Depending on which housing area you are assigned determines which elementary school your child will attend. Students residing on the East side of base attend the Joan K. Mendel Elementary School. Students residing in all the other housing areas attend Yokota West Elementary School.

What type of testing do students participate in?
DoDDS students in grades 3 to 11 take Terra Nova testing annually.

What types of preschool programs are located at Yokota?
There is DoDDS Sure Start preschool program, similar to Head Start in the United States. It is available for some students who are 4 years old by Oct. 31 of the school year at Mendel Elementary School. Part-day preschool services are available through Child and Youth Services. Off-base preschool programs are available as well. Additional information on this option may be obtained through the school liaison.

Find more information here!

 Yokota Living

Where can I find information on restaurants, offices and services at Yokota Air Base?

Please search and download "AF Connect" from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for more information on everything around Yokota Air Base.

What television, phone and Internet services are available at Yokota Air Base?
Contracted through the Army Air Force Exhcange Service (AAFES) at the base, Allied Telesis, provides an integrated network to care for all three of these services. 

Allied Telesis may be found in the Yokota Community Center.


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Contact & Social Info

Contact Public Affairs
For the Operator, call 315-225-1110
From CONUS: 011-81-425-52-2510-5-1110

Red Cross Emergency Number:
DSN: 315-225-7522
24 hour: 1-877-272-7337

Friendship Festival Inquiries