EEP Base Exercise Info

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Team Yokota,

The 374th Airlift Wing is currently conducting an Emergency Evacuation Program exercise meant to practice evacuating non-essential personnel from the installation. Our intent is to evaluate procedures and practice safely relocating non-essential members during an emergency.


As a part of the exercise, Yokota members should expect the following:

*         Exercise actions will occur today, September 7 and tomorrow September 8 during normal duty hours.

*         No road and gate closures or significant road traffic is expected to occur.

*         Services across the base (i.e. BX, gym) will not be significantly affected. 

*         Only previously identified spouses and dependents are scheduled to participate in the exercise as evacuees. 

*         Exercise participants will travel by bus from their residence to the Emergency Evacuation Center at the Taiyo Community Center (Bldg. 3260) via the pickup points established.

*         The Taiyo Community Center will host a larger number of personnel than usual in support of the exercise.


We ask participants to continue to follow directives from official communication channels, your chain of command and your Unit Control Center. Participants should communicate with their UCC representatives for pickup times and locations for travel to the Emergency Evacuation Center.

For members who do not know their UCC representative, please contact the 374th Force Support Squadron at 225-3667. 

Exercises like these can help prevent hardship for all our members during a real emergency, and we thank all our volunteer spouses, family members and participating personnel for their support of this critical evaluation of our evacuation procedures.

Additionally, this is a good time to review evacuation procedures and to evaluate how ready you and your family are in case of an emergency. Please see available resources below and attached pamphlet for important information on how best to prepare now for a future emergency and what to do when a crisis occurs.