Yokota’s seasonal HVAC changeover: What you need to know

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Team Yokota,

“No heat, no cool,” conducted each spring and fall, is when Yokota’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems go offline. This enables Airmen from the 374th Civil Engineer Squadron to maintain Yokota's HVAC infrastructure by performing routine, preventative maintenance.

Yokota functions on a two-pipe system, with one pipe supplying cold or hot air and the other returning it. This means that heating and cooling cannot be supplied simultaneously.

Throughout the transition, 374th CES Airmen manually make the necessary switch for over 2000 facilities across Yokota, allowing them to be adequately heated or cooled for the approaching season. 

Enacting a “no heat, no cool” period is determined by evaluating the temperature averages from the previous year and a 30-day weather outlook to accommodate housing residents while still allowing time for maintenance.

If you are not receiving heat after the outlined HVAC transitional period, please ensure your thermostat is on and switched to heating mode. For additional HVAC issues, please contact:

  • Garden units: 225-5282 Opt 1
  • Towers: 225-8452
  • Dorms: Your Airman Dorm Leader
  • All other facilities: 225-5282 Opt 2