Everyone is free game during ESOHCAMP

  • Published
  • By Col. Linda Eaton
  • 374th Medical Group commander
You can't turn on the television anymore without hearing about how humankind is taking a toll on the planet. Global warming, pollution prevention, endangered animal preservation and resource conservation are common themes.

As a child in the 60s and 70s, I remember television commercials aired that aimed at making the public aware of things we can do as individuals to conserve resources.

Most distinctly, I remember commercials that were very effective in making me feel guilty to the point that I never throw things out the car window, generally turn out lights when leaving a room and never leave water running or leave the refrigerator door open any longer than I have to.

Of course, those messages are just as applicable to our everyday lives today.

With more and more of us on the planet, we must all do our part to minimize our negative impact on the environment.

I think we should enjoy what modern life has to offer, but there are several simple things such as recycling, planning trips to minimize gas use and turning off items that use electricity when not needed that can make a real difference if everyone takes part.

The impact of U.S. government agencies on the environment led to legislation that has and will continue to impact how Yokota interacts with the environment.

Our environmental stewardship here is especially important since we are guests in Japan.

The 374th Civil Engineer Squadron environmental flight, 374th Airlift Wing safety office and 374th Medical Group bio environmental and public health flights also play a part in compliance.

However, they can't do it alone. Everyone has a role. That role will be examined by the upcoming Environmental Safety and Occupational Health Compliance Assessment and Management Program, Aug. 6 to10.

Under the Environmental Management System, everyone can be questioned about base environmental policy during the ESOHCAMP.

The EMS program exists to develop, implement, achieve, review and maintain the Yokota environmental program and achieve environmental goals.

To find out more about the EMS program and other environmental programs, go to https://wwwmil.yokota.af.mil/ems.

On this site you will find out more about the programs and can see who your unit EMS Cross Functional Team member is.

If you see a way you think your unit can better interact with the environment, elevate your idea to your EMS CFT representative.

All personnel working on Yokota were required to receive EMS awareness training back in 2005, so you might need to show your training certificate to an ESOHCAMP team member. If you can't find it, the training is also available on the Web site.

Finally, you may also be asked to recite Yokota's Environmental policy. This policy includes a commitment to 1) continually improve environmental performance, 2) ensure environmental compliance, 3) proactively manage environmental risks and 4) prevent pollution.

It is impossible to totally eliminate interaction with the environment and still live quality lives and accomplish our mission. However, there are many actions and forums that we can use to do our part as individuals to make that interaction as harmless as possible and ensure we pass on a viable planet to future generations of people and animals.