Commander's Corner: Dec 12, 2014

  • Published
  • By Col. Douglas DeLaMater
  • 374th Airlift Wing
As you all know, the updated USFJ Liberty Policy officially went into effect Tuesday. The updated policy is a direct reflection of the continued professionalism displayed by our service members both on and off base. A big component of that is our commitment towards honoring and respecting our gracious Japanese hosts.

While the curfew policy has changed, our priority remains the same; we remain committed to being the best ambassadors of our nation. Part of that means having the courage to intervene before a situation escalates. We owe that not only to our host-nation allies, but to our fellow service members.

This isn't just a leadership policy; we ALL have to take ownership of this responsibility. We can make it better or worse depending on how we choose to represent ourselves as military professionals. As for Team Yokota, I'm proud to say that our wingmanship and due diligence is second to none--a trend I know we can continue into the New Year.