Domo Days in full swing

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Jonathan Fowler
  • 374th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
The Yokota Par 3 and Tama Hills golf courses are offering young military members an accessible golf program which runs through September. Domo Days is a program offering free golf lessons by Professional Golf Association instructors to E-5 and below.

The program was conceived by Howard Kunoda, Tama Hills' general manager, and Eugene McDaniel, Par 3 manager. But, it took the efforts of all the golf program employees to start the program. Besides golf, this program also offers military members a chance to experience the Japanese culture

"It is a great opportunity for young military members to experience the game of golf and interact with members of the Japanese community," said Eugene McDaniel. "We hope they will want to take advantage of the free lessons offered by the PGA instructors."

Domo Days was developed as a positive activity for military members to participate in to help increase their morale. The idea was to promote fellowship among the Yokota and local Japan communities.

"Through golf, military members can learn from Japanese players and pick up some of their language and culture," said Chan Thomas, Tama Hills' assistant manager. "Domo Days is the starting point because golf is an international game played around the world and is a great way for military members to learn more about and participate in their community."

The instructors for the program are from Japan and are enthusiastic about being able to share their expertise with Yokota personnel.

"I believe the program is a great opportunity for military members and I hope they enjoy the game," said Hajime Nishikido, one of the instructors.

Mr. Nishikido hopes to get more people playing golf and views working on Yokota as a great opportunity to do that.

"Even if only one person showed up, we have achieved success and that is exactly what this program is all about," said Crystal Brookover, an employee at Tama Hills. "We are hoping this will have a domino effect, one Airman enjoys the program, decides to tell his friends and hopefully they will come with him next time."

Domo Days was originally scheduled to end in May but, due to its success, it has been extended until September.

Mr. Kunoda, Mr. McDaniel and the rest of the staff are planning to keep the program going for the next few years.

The program has also led to the development of other programs such as Golf 4 Juniors and Link Up 2 Golf and has been extended to include young officers.

Domo Days are Fridays, from 3 to 5 p.m. and is available to E-5 and below.