PACAF musician realizes global understanding

  • Published
  • By Marine Cpl. Ashleigh Bryant
  • Air Force Print News
NEW DEHLI, India -- It's every military member's responsibility to represent their service in the best light possible. But what if the best light happens to be the spotlight? Such is the case for Pacific Air Forces vocalist, Staff Sgt. Felita Rowe.

"Sergeant Rowe is a terrific performer and a true Air Force professional," said Maj. Daniel Price, Pacific Air Forces Band of the Pacific Asia. "She has the phenomenal ability to stand up in front of an audience and communicate both as a person and as a musician."

As a result, we had a very significant impact on a variety of audiences ranging from underprivileged children in Chennai to the highest level Indian Air Force Distinguished Visitor's."

Sergeant Rowe returned this week from a12-day concert tour through India with her band, Pacific Trends. The Yokota Air Base, Japan-based group was invited by the Indian Air Force to help celebrate the service's 75th birthday through music.

"I think this particular experience for me for the first time traveling and visiting by invitation to India, has given me a global understanding that what I do for a living through music really does send a message of camaraderie and commonality," said Sergeant Rowe.

Sergeant Rowe and the other seven Pacific Trends members performed their lineup of American rock songs at a long list of high-profile venue including the India Gate monument and the National Cadet Corps headquarters.

But between belting out lines from
Rascal Flatts' "Life is a Highway" and soulfully harmonizing to the melody of Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why," the lifelong singer found herself learning a thing or two about her role as an Air Force bandsman.

"The different rhythms and different vibes have opened my ears and my musical understanding to know what I think is common around the world, isn't so common when you start to travel," said Sergeant Rowe. "The Air Force has given me the ability to learn that. Now I'm more musically educated by the vast cultures that I'm surrounded by."

So what lies in the future for Sergeant Rowe? If she could design the timeline of her career, Sergeant Rowe would soon be slipping into the high-heeled shoes of stars like
Beyonce Knowles. And if anyone is cut out for the limelight, it's Sergeant Rowe.

She's never too busy to sign an autograph, always willing to spend time with fans, and possesses a humbleness that can't be found in today's music industry.

But for now, at least until her time in the Air Force is up, she will continue to tour the Pacific, bringing smiles to her audience members with her energetic stage-presence.

She will continue to grow in voice and in mind as her travels take her to parts of the world in need of her friendly attitude. And she will continue to dream about her future on the stage that she loves.