Yokota gears up for a simulated deployment Oct. 24, 2023

YOKOTA AIR BASE, Japan -- Military members assigned to the 374th Airlift Wing embarked on a simulated deployment Oct. 19 during Exercise Beverly Morning 24-1 at Yokota Air Base, Japan.

This exercise, designed to prepare Airmen for contingencies, serves as a crucible for enhancing efficiency and readiness in the face of real-world crises. It is an essential part of Yokota Air Base's commitment to maintaining peak operational performance.

The simulated deployment encompassed comprehensive field briefings from the base legal office, public affairs, medical, finance, and chaplain services. The goal is to ensure that all personnel are well-informed about the wealth of resources available when they are deployed to remote locations. This process underlines Yokota's commitment to supporting its personnel throughout their missions, no matter where they may be.