JASDF integrates with maintenance across Yokota Oct. 1, 2023

Members of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force 1st Technical Training School from Hamamatsu Air Base, Japan, toured facilities at Yokota Air Base, Japan, Sept. 27.


The tour highlighted how the 374th Maintenance Group trains through the employment of a maintenance training section and field training detachments, while also showcasing the missions of the 374th Maintenance Squadron and 753rd Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.


“Where the U.S. Air Force primarily uses the C-130J models, the JASDF operates on the C-130H models, as well as their associated vehicles, facilities and equipment,” said 2nd Lt. Louis Arron Cruz, 374th MXS fabrication flight officer in charge. “This gives us an opportunity to share common maintenance practices to better the way we operate on the C-130s.”


The JASDF Airmen visited different maintenance sections around Yokota to gain a better understanding of their practices, including the 374th MXG, the 374th MXS, and the 753rd SOAMXS, a tenant organization that specializes on the maintenance of a fleet of six CV-22B Osprey tiltrotor aircraft.


Tour participants watched as work centers such as plans, scheduling and documentation, quality Assurance, and training all buzzed with operations. They also experienced the organization and flow of the fabrication, accessories, aerospace ground equipment, munitions, and general maintenance flights.


Lastly, JASDF Airmen observed as Team Yokota Airmen launched and recovered C-130Js on the flightline.


Throughout the tour, members asked questions to gain a better understanding of USAF maintenance practices.


“This is an outstanding opportunity for new JASDF maintenance officers to see and learn both the capabilities and resources the USAF holds and provides," said Indo-Pacific Military Personnel Exchange Program foreign exchange officer. “When they graduate their technical school and begin their first assignments, they have experiences to offer their units in means to improve their organization and training quality.”