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374 Airlift Wing 

Position: Director, Complaints Resolution, GS-12
Duty Description: This position serves as an extension and principal advisor to the wing Inspector General (IG). The member implements and manages all phases of the wing Complaints Resolution Program (CRP) and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) programs. The member plans, organizes, and executes a wide range of activities for the CRP and FWA programs ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring the best interest of the Air Force and Airmen needs are met. The member also investigates IG complaints and serves as the wing authority on conducting investigations and documenting the analysis, conclusions, and findings. Additionally, the member develops and administers a viable education and training program for the commanders and base populace on their rights and responsibilities regarding the Air Force CRP. Finally, the member will assist with the execution of the Commander’s Inspection Program.
Hiring Official:


Position: Environmental and Real Estate Program Manager (GS-0801-12)
Duty Description: The primary purpose of this position is to provide a general engineer who will represent the Air Force in liaison with USFJ/J4 and in all service component meetings on environmental engineering, real estate and general engineering projects and programs. This position will serve as the Environmental Engineer expert on all incident notifications and development/execution of the criteria not only in the U.S. environmental guidelines, but also the Japan Environmental Governing Standards (JEGS). This position will also serve as the Real Estate Officer who advises senior leadership on all real estate matters, USAF and PACAF policies, host country laws, treaties, Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA) and other government-to-government agreements related to real estate facilities and areas. Finally, the position will oversee the planning, programming, design, and construction of facility projects under the JFIP, SACO, DPRI, and relocation programs, when required. Position also provides technical engineering, environmental, and real estate assistance, to include staff visits, as required, to base level units wherever specific programs require attention and conduct Environmental and Real Estate assessments/actions.
Education Requirement: 4-Year Degree in Engineering.
Hiring Official: Send resumes to:


Position:  Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response Specialist, GS-0101-11 (3 upcoming vacancies)
Duty Description:  Serves as an installation Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment Victim Advocate.  Maintains support and follow-up contact with sexual assault/sexual harassment victims throughout the lifecycle of the case.  Assists the installation SARC in the development and delivery of comprehensive sexual assault/sexual harassment training.  Represents the SAPR installation program to both military and civilian agencies.
Hiring Official:  Send resumes to, DSN:  315-225-SAPR (7277)


374 Contracting Squadron 

Position: USAF Contract Specialist, GS-1102-07 / 09 / 11 (Potential vacancies, continuing to collect resumes)
Duty Description: Federal government contracting is the process of writing contracts to buy anything and everything the Government needs to run its operations. 374th Contracting Squadron is responsible for buying everything that the 374th Airlift Wing needs, from supplies to services to construction. As a Contract Specialist you will be representing the Government in the contracting process. The Government will always have a need for Contract Specialists. No matter where your next DOD base is, there will likely be a Contracting Office responsible for buying what the Government needs. Many of our Contractors are local companies, so Japanese language ability is a plus!
Hiring Official: Send resumes to (In the subject line, list your highest education level completed)
*Please redact all Social Security Numbers (SSNs)
**Find additional info here.


374 Logistics Readiness Squadron  

Position: Logistics Management Specialist GS-0346-12
Duty Description: The Logistics Management Specialist serves as the Installation Deployment Officer (IDO) of the Plans and Integration Section by planning, direction, organizing, and exercise control over non-supervisory employees assigned to the section.  Provides wing-level Deployment Reception Control Center command and control during contingency operations.  The IDO plans and directs all contingency, emergency, and/or expeditionary deployments, and receptions for the installation.  The IDO keeps commanders informed on exercise/deployment/contingency status. No education requirements. Experience required. Applicants must have specialized experience in logistics management.  Examples of specialized experience includes:​ 
  • Knowledge of logistics management operations that involve planning, coordinating, or evaluating contingency support, logistics readiness deployment and execution, war reserve materiel management, base/expeditionary support, sustainment, redeployment, mobility bags/small arms weapons, air terminal operations (for non-AMC bases), and logistics command and control.  
  • Knowledge of logistics management information systems necessary for planning and executing deployment operations (e.g., Logistics Module (LOGMOD), Deliberate Crisis Action Planning and Execution Systems (DCAPES), AEF UTC Reporting Tool.)
  • Knowledge of safety and security regulations, practices, and procedures.
Hiring Official: Walter Humko;, DSN 225-3613


Position: Unit Program Coordinator (UPC), GS-0303-06
Duty Description: The primary purpose of this positions is the preparation, maintenance, and deposition of required administrative reports and other correspondence.  Serve as the primary point of contact to the squadron commander/director for administrative support programs to include but not limited to task management, cybersecurity liaison (CL), Government Travel Card (GTC) program, Defense Travel System (DTS) administrator, drug demand reduction program, health care program, fitness program, Government Purchase Card (GPC) program, safety program, Automated Data Processing Equipment (ADPE) accounts, security program, supply program, civilian timecard program and unit recognition program.  Acts as the point of contact for all newly assigned personnel; orients them regarding the basic functions of the organization, introduces them to key personnel and schedules their initial training/orientation requirements.


1. Knowledge of the organizational and functional responsibilities and operations of an organization.

2. Knowledge of various office automation software programs, tools, and techniques to support office operations and produce a variety of documents such as letters, reports, spreadsheets, databases, and graphs.

3. Skill in fact-finding, problem analysis, problem resolutions, and development of concrete action plans to solve problems.

4. Ability to gather, analyze and present facts, communicate effectively, using tact and courtesy and possess the ability to plan, organize work, and meet deadlines.

5. Ability to plan and organize management programs and functions of an organization.

Hiring Official: Walter Humko;, DSN 225-3613


Position: Materials Handler, WG-6907-06
Duty Description: 

The primary purpose of this position is:  To perform the full range of warehousing duties with responsibility of handling or overseeing one or more product lines, a segment of a large warehouse, or serves as the senior employee in a smaller warehouse.  Works independently and or teams to perform a wide range of warehousing activities, receiving, storing, selecting, shipping, pickup, shelf-life management, a wide variety of materials, equipment, and supplies in support of LRS Mission.  Performs tasks involved in issuing/shipping items.  Operates forklift trucks and automated material handling and identification equipment to include mobile stock selectors and electromechanical automated equipment, such as high-rise automated storage and retrieval vehicles to move, stack and unstack, load and unload, bin, and position material. 

This position requires physical work in unheated and non-air-conditioned warehouses.


1. Knowledge of accepted warehousing methods, procedures, and material handling techniques; and of warehousing functions, such as material receiving, storage, issuing, and preservation.

2. Knowledge of regulations, procedures, and policies related to records maintenance and documentation; and of safety regulations, practices, and procedures.

3. Skill in the use of automated material processing equipment and systems to include computer terminals, optical readers, and scanners.

4. Ability to interpret and apply instructions pertaining to material handling; to maintain tools, equipment, and work area in a neat, clean, and orderly manner; to safely operate forklift trucks to handle controls for starting, stopping, backing, lifting, lowering, tilting, and driving fork lift trucks through narrow aisles, up and down ramps, and in and out of trucks; and to safely drive and operate a motor vehicle to manipulate controls for starting, stopping, backing, and driving vehicles in all types of traffic and road conditions and in judging overhead, side clearance, turning radius, and braking distance.

Hiring Official: Walter Humko;, DSN 225-3613


36 Airlift Squadron

Position: True North, GS-12
Duty Description: The primary purpose of this position is to provide a full range of professional social work services. Serve as a member of a team with the goal to build resiliency, enhance human performance and improve unit mission effectiveness. Clinical & administrative duties focus on education/prevention, psychosocial assessment/diagnosis, and evidenced-based interventions/treatment. Duties to include: Observe and participate in squadron activities in order to identify psychosocial stressors and barriers to optimal human performance. Develop and implement initiatives to mitigate psychosocial stressors and risks and optimize airmen performance. Provide psychological consultation, education, and training to military commanders/senior leaders, other mental health professionals, and medical staff. Conduct psychodiagnostics assessments and provides evidence-based psychotherapy.
Hiring Official: Capt. Yanzhi Zhuo,

Military Spouse Direct Hire Authority

The National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 2022 approved a MSP DHA pilot program until December 31, 2026 to hire military spouses at foreign locations


  • Military Spouse on PCS orders to Yokota AB
  • Spouse must reside with military sponsor in local commuting area


  • May be used to fill any position at the GS-15 and below
  • May appoint qualified military spouses (not currently permanent federal employees)
  • MSP DHA does not prohibit a military spouse from using other available appointment/hiring authority
  • Recruitment through USAJobs not required


  • All appointments are Term Positions not to exceed 2 years may be extended up to 6 years  
  • MSP DHA positions will terminate at Sponsor’s DEROS, relocation, retirement, death, divorce


  • Current permanent military spouse must agree to a 3-day break in service
  • DHA appointments are not permanent (time limited)
  • Leave without pay is not authorized for MSP DHA positions
  • DHA appointments may not convert to permanent status

Go to CPO Sharepoint, Recruitment and Placement (US Staffing), DHA for Military Spouses for further information. 


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 Who is eligible to be appointed utilizing this DHA?

A: A spouse (husband or wife) who is Legally married to an “Active Duty” military member stationed at a duty location outside the United States. Spouse must be listed on the military PCS orders.

 Does this DHA apply to spouses of civilian employees?

A: No, Pilot Program will only assess the use of the authority to hire spouses of members of the uniformed services at locations outside the United States.

 What does the term “Uniformed Services” mean?

A: The term Uniformed Services mean
          a. Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, and Coast Guard)
          b. The commissioned corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
          c. The commissioned corps of the Public Health Service

 What is considered a “location outside the U.S.”?

A: All locations outside the Continental US including Guam and Puerto Rico. This does not include Hawaii and Alaska.

 What type of appointment can be made utilizing this DHA?

A: Appointments are on a time-limited basis, Temporary or Term. Initial Term appointments will not exceed 2 years with the ability to extend for two additional terms (not to exceed 2 years for each extension) NTE a total of 6 years.

 Is SAF/MR applicable to DHA Pilot Program for military spouses?

A: This is pending a final determination. AFPC will provide an update when received.

 Since a public notice, nor announcement is required to utilize this DHA, how do we source candidates for vacant positions?

A: DAF will utilize Public Notices for some occupations. Spouses should be directed to and search by location for the commuting area where their sponsor is assigned. Other positions may be posted or sourced through the Air Force Civilian Services website and Air Force Personnel Center Talent Acquisition (TA) Team (refer to Talent Acquisition Services). TA will provide consulting services to assist with identifying qualified candidates, utilizing services such as LinkedIn Recruiter, and other job boards. If BNR cannot be identified, traditional recruitment may be followed IAW SAF/MR Policy dated 27 March 2018.

 Is the current OCONUS DHA Business Process (BP) Guide applicable to DHA-MS Pilot program?

A: OCONUS DHA Procedures guide outlines procedures related to the recruitment initiated from CONUS to OCONUS foreign locations. Pilot program on DHA-MS intent is to allow an additional authority to hire military spouses at locations outside the U.S., when stationed with the member at the foreign duty location and meets qualification and eligibility requirements.

 Can you appoint a permanent competitive status employee when utilizing this DHA?

A: The authority should primarily be used to appoint qualified candidates who are not existing DoD competitive service employees with permanent status. However, if management considers the use of the authority to appoint a permanent competitive status employee a 3-day break in federal service (i.e. Resign on Thurs, for Mon appointment). There is no conversion of appointment authority permitted. As a reminder, appointments using DHA-MS may only be Time-Limited.

 How does DHA-MS affect other Family member preference/authorities?

A: Use of this authority does not interfere with DAF’s ability to appoint spouses of Uniformed Services personnel in overseas locations under any other overseas family member hiring authorities, to include the Overseas Family Member Excepted Service Schedule A hiring authority under DoD Instruction, 1400.25, Volume 1232.

 Can a Military Spouse utilize their Overseas Military Spouse Preference (MSP) after they accept a position utilizing this DHA-MS?

A: Yes. The Overseas Military Spouse Preference is not affected by this DHA-MS, due to appointments under this authority must be on a time-limited basis (not permanent).

 Can a Military Spouse appointed under this DHA be subsequently converted to a military spouse Schedule A appointment?

A: Yes. Military Spouse Preference (MSP) is not affected by DHA-MS authority, if a military spouse meets the criteria for MSP and currently works for the agency under the DHA Military spouse pilot program, a conversion to a Schedule A appointment may be permissible.

 What is the definition of “local commuting area"?

A: As determined by Installation Commanders utilizing the definition in 5 CFR § 351.203 for the geographic area that usually constitutes one area for employment purposes. It includes any population center (or two or more neighboring ones) and the surrounding localities in which people live and can reasonably be expected to travel back and forth daily to their usual employment.

 What actions would terminate a DHA-MS appointment?

A: Appointments terminate either upon expiration of the term
upon the end of the sponsoring Uniformed Service member’s accompanied tour
on the date the sponsoring Uniformed Service member or spouse is impacted by one of the following circumstances:
         a. Relocation back to the United States in connection with PCS orders;
         b. Relocation from their assigned duty station’s local commuting area to another duty location outside the United States in connection with a PCS move;
         c. Divorce
         d. Death of sponsor
         e. Retires or separates from active duty

 Does this authority allow LWOP?

A: No. Under this authority, spouses of Uniformed Services personnel are not eligible for leave without pay (LWOP) when relocating outside of the commuting area.

 Will this authority allow for remote work?

A: No, remote work is not authorized under this DHA authority, as one of the requirements is the position offered must be within the local commuting area of the Uniformed Service member's assigned duty location.

 Are there any reporting requirements associated with this Pilot DHA?

A: Yes, requirements are due annually to HAF/A1C by 5 October. AFPC/MAJCOMs/FLDCOMs/COCOMs are responsible to track/report all the requirements as outlined below:
            a. AFPC will provide the listing of the number of spouses of Uniformed Services personnel to the Civilian Personnel Offices. This will include Name, Series, and Grade as well as any applicable demographic data.
            b. Civilian Personnel Offices will use the data provided in (a) and provide the following requirements:
                   (1) Data on the Uniformed Services Member.
                   (2) Analysis of the feasibility and use of the DHA in the overseas environment.
                   (3) How the commuting distances were determined.

 Does the 180-day Waiver apply?

A: Yes. As a matter of policy, section 3326 of chapter 33, subchapter I of title 5, U.S.C., and corresponding Code of Federal Regulations provisions will continue to apply.

 Does Reduction in Force (RIF) Rules apply as it pertains to 5 CFR 351.201?

A: This is pending a final determination. AFPC will provide an update when received.

 Does PPP apply?

A: Yes. Appointments under this authority are subject to the Priority Placement Program. Procedures applicable to the use of a statutory DoD DHA may be found in the Priority Placement Program Handbook, Chapter 4, Appendix B.

 Can CPS/MAJCOMs create a repository of resumes of military spouses in the local Civilian Personnel Flights?

A: No. Sourcing of candidates can occur through the applicants under the Public Notices, AFPC Talent Acquisition or traditional recruitment.

 Does Veteran’s Preference apply?

A: No. Qualified candidates with veteran’s preference should be considered as they are found, just as any qualified non-preference eligible.

Other Employment Opportunities

DHA Vacancy Guidance for commanders


We now have a process for connecting military spouses with hiring managers to try to make the use of this authority easy for you.

If you are a requirement owner seeking to get the word out to prospective employees eligible for military spouse DHA, we will advertise your position at Newcomer’s Orientation.

All you have to do is email (attn: Newcomer’s Orientation) with the following information:

  • Position (Title, Series, Grade)
  • Brief Description of Duties
  • Selecting Official Name and Contact Information (DSN & Email)

It’s that easy! We’ll take this info and brief it every week. We’ll also keep this list on hand at the M&FRC so that we can advertise to spouses as they come to visit the facility or call asking about job opportunities on base. Then just tell us when it’s filled so we can take it down.

The Civilian Personnel Office has also developed the attached quick-reference guide to give you the basic facts about military spouse DHA authority. If you need more info, visit our SharePoint site here.


 DHA Processing Guidance for Selecting Officials

Managers/Selecting Officials:

Once you have identified a potential military spouse candidate for your vacancy, the following documents must be attached to Request for Personnel Action (RPA) or provide to your serving HR Staffing Specialist:

  • Military Spouse DHA certification checklist
  • Resume
  • PCS orders
  • Transcripts/License/Training cert if it’s required.
  • SF-50 or Personnel document


Once CPS completes a review all documents, RPA will be forwarded to AFPC for qualification review and tentative job offer extended.

*For assistance and further guidance, please contact your servicing HR Staffing Specialist at DSN 225-3921.

HR Staffing Specialist

Servicing Units

Email Address

Lorraine Johnson

374 AW, 374 CES

Hiroyuki Nakazawa

374 FSS

Keiko Takamizawa

374 CPTS, 374 CS, 374 LRS, 374 SFS, 374 OG, 374 MXG, 515 AMOG

Yuko Cook

5 AF, 374 MSG, 374 CONS, 730 AMS