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  • Drinking and driving: Is it worth it?

    The following commentary was written by an Airman here who was punished for driving under the influence. His leadership asked that this Airman remain anonymous. Drinking and driving. Is it really worth it? Is it worth risking your promotion, your career or possibly your life? Although the "obvious" answer would be no, I thought differently on the

    SARC Hotline 225-4078 or cell phone direct: 080-6548-6179 Mission Promoting a base-wide Wingman culture to reduce sexual assault risks, introduce meaningful prevention activities, and facilitate and coordinate compassionate response to sexual assault survivors and their family members in the Yokota AB community. How to Report a Sexual Assault 1.
  • Giving thanks to Americans for what they give us

    Have you ever noticed those AFN commercials where famous people and ordinary Americans thank the military for their service? How do you feel when you see those? Hopefully, you feel glad that most Americans are grateful for what you do. You should be proud that you volunteered to serve the greatest country in the world in a capacity that most
  • Preparation key to a successful deployment

    Whether at home station supporting 11,000 assigned military personnel, family members and a critical flying mission or deployed in support of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom, Yokota Airmen continue to excel. As we prepare to deploy nearly 500 Airmen to the Central Command area of operations to continue the fight against terrorism, we need to
  • Patient change by incrementalism

    My father, Lloyd McClenny, was the superintendent of schools in a rural county of Alabama during the time of racial desegregation of public schools. The leadership lessons I learned from my father as a result of that experience were "diversity is strength" and "do the right thing, regardless of the consequences." During that time, my father's focus
  • Wise man or a fool?

    A certain analogy can be made between climbing Japan's most famous mountain and life as an Airman. The mountain is majestic and beautiful from afar, rugged and tough when looked at closely. An Airman's life is often seen as soft by the other service branches, mostly in jest, but deployments and downsizing weigh heavily on Airmen and their families.
  • To be American is to represent America

    Whether we know it or not, we are all ambassadors. As representatives of our country overseas, it is essential that we show the utmost respect for ourselves, our nation and our host country. Our behavior can directly improve or impair the degree of respect and support others show for America. The majority of the world views America through the eyes
  • Yokota Band spreads goodwill across Mongolia

    ULAANBATAAR, Mongolia -- As the first U.S. military band to travel to Mongolia, none of us knew quite what to expect. We knew that Mongolia is, per capita, one of the largest supporters to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Mongolia's military was gearing up for its eighth deployment of troops to Iraq. Mongolia has been an outstanding partner in the
  • Excellent operations enable continuous compliance

    With the Environmental Safety and Occupational Health Compliance Assessment and Management Program rapidly approaching and the Unit Compliance Inspection arriving shortly thereafter, some personnel are a little anxious about how we will be rated during the upcoming inspections. Such a concern is perhaps understandable if you consider the high
  • A combat commander's lessons learned

    My Air Expeditionary Force deployment to Bagram, Afghanistan was one of the most significant events in my Air Force career. Not only was it significant to have the opportunity to command in combat, but also due to the circumstances, unit dynamics and environment of this combat command. The lessons learned included patience, character and