A 337th Air Support Flight coin sits on a map of Australia

Bringing Pets to Australia

Getting Started

  • Shipping your pet to Australia will be at your own expense and should be arranged well in advance.  Please note that Australia is very strict and requires your pet to have a minimum of 10 days of quarantine in country. 
  • The only pets allowed to be shipped into country are cats & dogs.  Please review the websites listed below for more information.  



Australian Quarantine

  • All pets will require a minimum of 10 days in quarantine upon arrival to Australia.  The quarantine center is located in Melbourne, Australia and you are responsible to arrange pick up from that location. 
  • Reimbursement
    • You are entitled to a max reimbursement amount of $550USD
    • Quarantine Receipt – Must have member’s name NOT spouse
    • Copy of Orders
    • Bank Account Information
    • All documents above will be e-mailed to 337asuf.lgt@us.af.mil.  Once received, TMO will provide documents to the FM team.  The FM team will process reimbursement in accordance with the Joint Travel Regulation.  Reimbursement will be deposited directly to the members’ bank account.