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G’day and congratulations on your assignment to Australia!

Whether you’re a Sailor, Soldier, Marine, Airman, Coast Guardsman, DoD Civilian, or in the Space Force, know that the 337 Air Support Flight (ASUF) is ready to support you here in Australia.  Because there is no U.S. military installation in the country, the 337 ASUF’s mission is to provide installation-similar services to ensure your assignment in Australia goes as smooth as possible.  Allow us to take care of you while you take care of your mission Down Under.  We are located in the U.S. Embassy in Canberra, Australia’s capital.  We have personnel whose core functions include personal property shipments, financial and military pay services, legal assistance, and personnel administration.  Additionally, we tackle additional functions related to housing, medical, and dependent education.  Please stop by and visit us as you make your way into the country.

This is a great assignment to have.  However, know that there are challenges in a massive country with limited US military services physically present.  Our goal is to help you through this difficult transition into and throughout your assignment, and we highly advise that you use this website for any questions or issues encountered during your tour.  If the answer is not here, please feel free to contact us at any time, by email, phone, or Embassy visit.  Congrats again and we look forward to serving with you.                                             

From the Commander, 337 Air Support Flight                                              337th Air Support Flight/Mission Australia Coin

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337 Air Support Flight (ASUF)


The country code for Australia is +61. When dialing from outside Australia, dial “+61”, then drop the first zero of the commercial number and dial the remaining digits. If calling from within Australia, just dial the commercial number beginning with the “0” as there is no need to enter the country code.

For DSN, “315” is the prefix for the Pacific and needs to be included if dialing from outside the AOR.

Contact Information

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 Commander (337 ASUF/CC)

DSN: (315) 227-5677

Comm: (02) 6214-5880

Cell: +61 (0) 478-305-182


 Traffic Management Office (TMO)

DSN: (315) 227-5684 or (315) 227-5681

Comm: (02) 6214-5610 or (02) 6214-5879


 Personnel (DP)

DSN: (315) 227-5685

Comm: (02) 6214-5821


 Financial Management (FM)

DSN: (315) 227-5686 or (315) 227-5680

Comm: (02) 6214-5979 or (02) 6214-5827


 Legal (JAG)

DSN: (315) 227-5688 or (315) 227-5679

Comm: (02) 6214-5817 or (02) 6214-5804



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