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Non-DoD School Program

To begin the process for finding a school that best suits your family, be sure to carefully read through all of the information provided.   

Since there are no DoD schools in Australia, the Non-DoD School Program is here to assist.  The NDSP helps our military families with school aged dependents during the course of their tour.  The purpose of the NDSP is to provide educational support and financial assistance to defray the cost of education in international locations for the dependents of military or Department of Defense civilian families.

You will not be reimbursed for enrollment fees/admin fees until you have arrived in Australia. 

The 337th Finance Team is your NDSP Liaison.  Feel free to email us if you have any issues.  We can be reached at



Please note that the Student Online Registration (SOR) and the Sponsor Portal are two separate applications. 

SOR is used for initial registrations, adding a dependent, or when a sponsor is PCS’ing to another NDSP location


The NDSP Sponsor Portal cannot be accessed until a sponsor has been deemed eligible for NDSP.  After eligibility has been determined, they can access their file using the email address they initially provided to us.  The Sponsor Portal is used for reregistration and submission of documents to NDSP (extension orders, PCS orders, Fee Schedules, School Calendars, Family Budget Planning Tool, Invoices, etc.)


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