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Preparing your HHG for Shipment to Australia

Australian Customs Form

Please fill out a copy of the Unaccompanied Personal Effects Customs Form (B534E) and send it to our office PRIOR to departing origin.   E-mail:

The form is located on the link below:

Customs Information

​​Some personal effects have the potential to bring pests or disease into Australia and need to be declared.

You can click on the link below for an all-inclusive list of items:

The list below is designed to assist you identify which goods may be of biosecurity concern and may require cleaning or treatment prior to release. If this is not possible, the items may need to be destroyed or exported at your expense.

Alternatively, you may be able to store items below in Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) at origin to avoid costly fees.

To avoid any possible fees or delays, all dirt needs to be removed from outdoor furniture, common outdoor items, shoes, bicycles, etc.   

Top Items that are subject to cleaning or treatment:

Artefacts / Furnishings / Ornaments / Souvenirs

Including, but not limited to:

  • animal products, such as bones, antlers, feathers, animal hair and hide
  • beads, necklaces
  • carpets, mats, rugs
  • commercially manufactured musical instruments, such as pianos, clarinets, oboes, violins, guitars
  • dried plant products, such as banana products, photo albums, hats, bags, mats, baskets
  • fossils, rocks, sand, shells, soil, stones
  • non-commercially manufactured musical instruments, such as rawhide drums, rainmakers, maracas, pan pipes
  • plant products, including bark, seeds, potpourri, dried flower arrangements, sphagnum moss, natural stems
  • pillows, including Thai pillows
  • sand, seeds or soil used as a filling
  • statues made of clay or compressed sand
  • wooden spears, bows and arrows

Festive decorations

Including, but not limited to:

  • Blown eggs
  • Christmas trees, real or artificial
  • Conifer items, pine cones
  • Dried holly, sphagnum moss, vines, wreaths, pine cones
  • Seed pods and straw


Items including, but not limited to:

  • antique furniture
  • baskets, such as cane/wicker laundry baskets
  • brushes, jewelry boxes
  • carvings, statues made of wood, totem poles, bamboo products, such as wind chimes
  • furniture or furniture parts made of  bamboo, banana leaf, cane, rattan, timber, water hyacinth, wicker, willow
  • picture frames
  • dried/dehydrated food items, such as herbs, teas, rice