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 Military Pay & Entitlements/Financial Assistance

I’m missing a certain payment on my monthly LES…can you help?

Please contact 337 ASUF/FM. While we cannot directly fix your LES, we can review and provide solutions to having your pay remedied.

How can my military unit pay a local Australian company for services?

If your US agency requires assistance in making a payment to an Australian company/business, please contact 337 ASUF/FM.

How many days of TLA do I get when departing?

You are entitled to 10 days of departure TLA. Please contact the 337th ASUF/FM team if you need a TLA memo or if you are Air Force, please submit your lodging receipt when able.

I noticed that my COLA went down this month. Did the COLA rate change?

The USD amount received for COLA will fluctuate on a bi-weekly basis. Every time there is a change in the exchange rate, you will notice a change in the amount of COLA you receive.

I am a SOFA member and I heard that I can get GST reimbursements. Is this true?

No, SOFA members are only entitled to GST reimbursements for fuel (see Motorpass).

I’ve had my Motorpass pass for 3 months but have not seen any reimbursements in my US Bank account. When will I see the funds?

Reimbursements take up to 4-6 months. Reimbursements will appear on your bank statement as “Dept State-Bangkok”.

 Travel and Transportation Managment

What are the requirements to travel out-of-country?

Reference Traveling While at Post

What do I need to do to deploy from my Exchange Officer position?

Contact your parent US military unit as higher-level approvals are required.

Am I allowed to bring festive items in my HHG shipment?

It is recommended to leave all festive items in storage, or you may be subject to fines by the Australian Border Force. The list below is designed to assist you identify which goods may be of biosecurity concern and may require cleaning or treatment prior to release. If this is not possible, the items may need to be destroyed or exported at your expense.

Festive decorations: Including, but not limited to:

· Blown eggs

· Christmas trees, real or artificial

· Conifer items, pine cones

· Dried holly, sphagnum moss, vines, wreaths, pine cones

· Seed pods and straw

 Duty Positions and Local Information

My US chain-of-command wants to add a new position or change my position in Australia…what do they need to do?

Certain approval and authority are required to establish a new position or change an existing position in Australia. Please contact (or have your agency contact) the 337 ASUF Commander and Legal Office to facilitate this process.

My Australian Security Clearance is expiring. What do I need to do?

Reference Australian Security Clearance section

How can I access my Marine, Navy, or Army internet sites?

The 337 ASUF in the US Embassy in Canberra has dedicated military computers for public use. Those non-Air Force personnel in Canberra must be provisioned to Yokota AB (you will have an Air Force account) and you will be able to access your .mil sites.

I am in the Air Force and need to take my promotion test. What do I do?

Please contact the 337th ASUF to coordinate a testing date and receipt of testing materials. The 337th ASUF commander will be able to administer your test.

Is there a place where I can take my fitness assessment? Who can administer the test?

A: There are Air Force-certified fitness testing in Alice Springs, Canberra, Learmonth, Sydney, and RAAF Amberley. Air Force members can schedule their fitness assessment in Canberra with the 337 ASUF on the first and third Thursdays of the month. Air Force members should contact: 337asuf.dp.orgbox@us.af.mil. For all other services, please contact your parent unit’s admin office for guidance.

 DEERS & ID cards/Passports/Visa/SOFA

What if I need a new ID card while in country, who do I contact?

It is highly encouraged that your ID card is valid for the entire time you are stationed in Australia. Please refer to “CAC Exemption to Policy” section to download a copy of the letter required by your local DEERS office. You may also travel to Canberra at your or your unit’s expense to receive an ID card at the US Embassy. Refer to DEEERS & ID Cards.

I’ve recently had a baby. Is there anything I need to update?

Please contact our Personnel team to update your dependent in DEERS. Make sure to add your dependent to TRICARE Prime Overseas as well. You can do this by contacting International SOS after your dependent is updated in DEERS. For more information, please see our Marriage & Births Abroad section.

My child was born in Australia, does she/he need an official passport?

Yes, under Article 2 of the SOFA, sponsored family members need an official passport, ID Card (if applicable). The child will need to be added on to the original PCS orders to show as accompanying the member. Please apply at your nearest consulate as soon as possible and send to 337 ASUF/JA for submission for special purpose visa registration. Reference DEERS & ID Cards and Marriage & Births Abroad sections.

What if my official passport expires while I am in country?

Your passport should be valid the entire time you are in country. If not, you can contact our office and we will provide you with all the necessary forms. All passports are processed through the US Consulate for your district and can take up to 6 weeks.

I am diplomatic status, do I need an SPV (Special Purpose Visa)?

No, diplomatic status personnel do not fall under the SOFA; they will be issued diplomatic visas.

My Australia school, employer, rental agency, etc is asking me for my visa number, how do I get it?

SOFA status personnel do not have a visa number as we fall under a special purpose visa—mission. Our office can provide a SOFA certification memorandum that certifies your SOFA status.

 Dependent Employment

If an American company is considering continued employment via telework for my dependent, does my dependent need to pay taxes in Australia?

No, according to Article 6 of the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) members and their dependents shall not be subject to Australian taxes in respect to income derived from sources outside of Australia. However, it is solely up to the American company whether they chose to continue employment

Where does my dependent submit her/his dependent work request?

If you are posted to Canberra, submit your request to the Embassy HR office, usaembrhro@state.gov. If you are based outside Canberra, submit to the nearest consulate HR. EXCEPTION: Members posted to Alice Springs should submit to their community liaison office at clo@jdfpg.net. Please see our Dependent Employment section for more information.

 Miscellaneous Questions

Can I purchase real estate in Australia?

Yes, as long as all the requirements are adhered to; refer to http://www.reia.com.au/government/foreign.asp http://www.firb.gov.au

Since there is a military unit located in the US Embassy, can I stop by any time to update records, get an ID, request a notary, etc?

No, entrance to the Embassy is controlled. You must call the section ahead of time so that they can submit a visit access request to the Embassy security office.

Are there cheaper public child care options than what I can find?

Unfortunately, child care is extremely costly and Australian Government subsidies are only available to Australian citizens. At this time, there is no US military program to offset the childcare costs. NDSP does not cover care for non-school-aged children.