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Finance Information


  • When does my COLA stop?

COLA will stop once you depart Australia.



  • When does my OHA stop?

Once you have terminated your residence (day you hand in your keys).



  • When does BAH begin?

BAH will start at the non-locality rate on the day you sign out/out-process from your current post/unit and full BAH will begin upon check-in at your new post/unit

  • Where can I find the non-locality rate for my rank?


Advance OHA (Security/Bond)

If you received this interest-free Government “loan” to cover your security bond (repay upon PCS outbound), it will be due in-full after you PCS.  Be sure to retain the funds received from your home’s security bond in order to repay the US Government. 


Temporary Lodging Allowance

  • Standard outbound TLA is authorized for 10-days.
    • TLA beyond 10-days will not be authorized so members can ship HHG early, remain in-country on leave status, or for member’s convenience.
    • Exceptions may apply when delays or extensions are required and are outside of the member’s control. 


  • You may file your Departure TLA before you depart or once you arrive at your new duty unit/base.
    • Air Force members:  CONUS bases cannot process TLA.  Please send your Lodging Receipt and departure orders, along with the date you departed, to the 337th ASUF FM office at


COT Travel

Members doing Consecutive Overseas Tours (COT) or Circuitous Travel must have travel approved in their PCS orders prior to any tickets being issued. 


Government Travel Card (GTC)

  • Having a valid GTC for PCS travel is YOUR responsibility.
  • Be prepared to request a credit limit increase on your GTC due to the cost of airline tickets to/from Australia.
  • Please contact your Agency Program Coordinator (APC) for questions or concerns with your GTC.


Financial Obligations

It is your responsibility to settle all utility bills & financial obligations incurred in Australia (Motorpass, utilities, doctors, housing, schools, driving infractions, etc) Failure may result in UCMJ violations of Article 134, Debt, dishonorable failing to pay, & Article 92, Dereliction of Duty.  Reference 337 ASUF Out-processing Checklist.