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Australian Security Clearance (DSAV)

Members are required to obtain a DSAV number upon arrival in Australia.  This number is required to obtain access to Australian information systems and facilities (e.g. Russell, Brindabella Park, etc).  The initial number will be submitted upon in-processing with the 337 ASUF and will take up to one week for approval.

How often will my DSAV need to be renewed?

Per Australian policy, the DSAV can only be valid for 12 months maximum

What is required from me?

You will need to contact 337 ASUF one month prior to expiration.  You will need to contact your Australian Security Manager and send us their e-mail address and phone number.  Please email the required information to 337asuf.dp.orgbox@us.af.mil

How long will it take to get a renewal? 

Once our office submits it to the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA), it can take up to one week for approval. 

How will I know if it’s been approved?

AGSVA will e-mail your security manager and the 337 ASUF to let us know it has been approved.  The 337 ASUF will send you the number.

Are you TDY or Deploying to Australia?

Please contact the DAO office at USDAOCANBERRA@STATE.GOV for DSAV and APACS approval.