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Legal Claims

Personal Property Claims

If any of your household goods are lost, damaged, or destroyed during the moving process, you may be entitled to full replacement/repair value of that item(s), assuming your Notice of Loss or Damage was filed within 180 days after delivery.

For step-by-step instructions on how to file a claim, please refer to

All claims must be submitted in the Defense Personal Property System (DPS), which is the portal your move originally was scheduled in. However, if you and your moving company cannot reach a settlement for all or a portion of your claim, you can transfer that portion of your claim to your designated service Military Claims Office (MCO) for processing. Please note that if you transfer your claim to the MCO, then you will receive the depreciated value of the item. For contact information on each service’s designated MCO, please see below.

Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Claims

You have four options for filing a POV claim: Site Settlement, International Auto Logistics (IAL) Claim, Military Claim, and Inconvenience Claim. Each option gives a different level of service and convenience. Most people pick the site settlement option, but you can find more claims information from

For step-by- step directions on how to file a claim, please refer to and click on ‘Claims’.

Site Settlement: A site settlement is a combination of part repair or replacement costs plus labor. These claims are done with the agent that delivers your POV. IAL’s staff use the Audatex Repair Guide for pricing on parts, and calculate labor rates based on the current average of local repair facility labor rates.

IAL Claim: If you pick this option, you have to file a loss and damage estimate to the IAL Claims office. IAL will review, process, and return your claim no later than ninety (90) days after they receive it. For more information, contact the IAL Claims department toll free at +1 (855) 389-9499 and select “claims” from the voice menu. You can also e-mail them at

Military Claim: Military claims are filed with your branch of Service’s Military Claims Office (MCO). You can find MCO information on the homepage—just click on your Service’s icon. See below for list of MCO’s.

Inconvenience Claim: Inconvenience claims provide reimbursement for out of pocket expenses associated with a missed required delivery date. These claims are handled on a case-by-case basis. If you want to file an inconvenience claim, you’ll need to hang onto your receipts. Everything must be submitted to IAL at

Claims for Damage or Loss of Personal Property due to Theft, Natural Disaster or Extraordinary Hazards

The Military Personnel and Civilian Employees Claims Act (MPCECA) is the authority to settle claims of active-duty and DoD civilian employees for loss, damage, or destruction of personal property incident to their service. The term “incident to service" covers aspects of military living, including duty in foreign countries. The MPCECA is a gratuitous payment statue; it does not provide insurance coverage and is not designed to make the United States a total insurer of the personal property of claimants. Payment does not depend on tort liability or Government fault. Settlement authorities pay for loss or damage from fire, flood, hurricane, or other unusual occurrence, or from theft or vandalism that occurs at quarters or other authorized places.

All covered federal employees MUST FIRST file claims for such damage/loss with their own private insurance companies. The MPCECA is "secondary" to all private insurance coverage for incidents such as those described above. After you have completed and received your final insurance settlement letter, you may start the military claims process. Once you have the required documentation, you can file your claim with your respective military service.

We advise any affected person to:

  • Promptly report the damage/loss to the Police
  • Notify the Regional Security Office of the Incident: +61 2 6214 5898
  • Take photos of the damage and the cause if possible
  • Report the damage to your private insurer and complete your insurance claim process. Then, if you still are not fully compensated for the loss through your own auto, rental or home owner’s insurance, you can file a claim as described above.

We do not advise you to have the damages repaired prior to completing the Claims process, because if an inspection is required for your claim we will not be able to inspect the damage. However, if you must have the damages repaired, please contact the respective Claims Service Center prior to doing so.

Links to Claims Websites:

US Air Force: Air Force Claims Service Center
Phone: +1 937-656-8044 or + 1 877 754 1212 or DSN 312-986-8044

US Army: Army Claims Center- Korea
Phone: +82 50 3357 2631/2632 or DSN: 315-757-2631/2632

US Navy and US Marine Corps: Navy JAG Corps
Phone: +1 888 897 8217 or DSN 312-564-3310