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Tour Extensions and Updating Contact Information

Tour Extensions and Updating Contact Information

The 337 ASUF manages DoD personnel assigned in country on behalf of the US Ambassador and Senior Defense Official.  To ensure we have the most up to date information, please e-mail the following updates to 337asuf.dp.orgbox@us.af.mil

  • Australian Residential Address
  • Mobile/Work Numbers
  • Australian Defence e-mail address, if applicable

Requests for extensions must be submitted through the 337 ASUF Personnel Section for Chief of Mission (COM) approval prior to obtaining your DoD agency's approval.

  • Any extension over 3 years requires 337 ASUF Commander and the Senior Defense Official for concurrence with the final approval coming from the Chief of Mission.
  • Extensions beyond 4 years are extremely rare and are only approved under extraordinary circumstances.
  • The maximum allowable tour length is up to 5 years


Before submitting the Tour Extension MFR, please be sure to contact your admin section to ensure you have retainability in your current enlistment/contract to be able to extend your tour in Australia.


Once you have verification, please submit it to 337ASUF Personnel Section (see below), along with your Tour Extension MFR.

  • Please fill out the Tour Extension MFR on your letterhead with your justification and signature along with any documentation supporting your request (i.e. letter of recommendation from Australian supervisor, impact to position if not approved, etc.).  Once complete, forward all documents to 337 ASUF Personnel Section for approval.


After member receives an approved Tour Extension signed by the Chief of Mission, you are required do the following:

  • Contact 337 ASUF Personnel and admin section at the rear to ensure the new DEROS is updated.  Send any ORDMOD or Amendments with updated DEROS date to 337 ASUF Personnel Section, per email address below.
  • Extend official passport, if applicable.  Reference Renewing Expiring Passports section on this website.
  • Extend Australian Visa, if applicable.  Contact the Legal Office per below.
  • Extend any Australian-specific access badges with the applicable office at your permanent duty station. 
  • Ensure your DSAV is updated; contact 337 ASUF Personnel for more information.
  • Contact the Personal Property Office to ensure your non-temporary storage is updated.
  • Any other personal considerations: Housing Lease extensions, Car Registration, Auto Insurance, NDSP for school.


For more information, please contact 337 ASUF Personnel Section:

e-mail: 337asuf.dp.orgbox@us.af.mil  or call +61 2 6214 5821

Personal Property Office:

e-mail: 337asuf.lgt@us.af.mil or call + 61 2 6214 5610

Legal Office

e-mail: PACAF.JAOL-E.CANBERRA@US.AF.MIL or call +61 2 6214 5804