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  • Tanabata dancers entertain bilateral relations

    It's common knowledge that Japan is a country rich in culture and founded on tradition. More often than, the backbone of this culture - its customs - is kept as a closely guarded secret. One group at Yokota is unlocking the mystery of an ancient Japanese art form - and getting a little exercise, too. The Tanabata Dancers have been an institution at
  • Civil engineers do more than meets the eye

    Civil engineer squadrons around the Air Force host a wide variety of professions that other Airman may overlook at times. However these jobs are critical to the mission and for military members living on installations civil engineers play a key role in their quality of life. The 374th Civil Engineer Squadron is no different. The power production,
  • PACAF musician realizes global understanding

    NEW DEHLI, India -- It's every military member's responsibility to represent their service in the best light possible. But what if the best light happens to be the spotlight? Such is the case for Pacific Air Forces vocalist, Staff Sgt. Felita Rowe. "Sergeant Rowe is a terrific performer and a true Air Force professional," said Maj. Daniel Price,
  • Project Graduation: Keeping graduating teens safe

    High school graduation: more than just the culmination of four years of studying, sports and socializing, it is considered by some to be the quintessential rite of passage for American teenagers. Just like the cap, gown and tassel, graduation night celebrations have become a tradition. Too often, the festivities involve unsupervised - and sometimes
  • Yokota youth learn about Japan's Girls' Day traditions

    A young Japanese girl delicately pours from an antique pot into a mixing saucer. She gently sets down her wooden ladle and begins stirring the water and tea grounds with speed and precision. Every movement in the Japanese tea ceremony is planned to perfection, and every audience member looks on with anticipation and silence. On March 10 children at
  • Kindermusik, giving new appreciation for music

    When most people think of stimulating brain development in their toddlers, they don't typically think of singing silly songs, stomping feet and experimenting with musical instruments. But that's exactly what one class at Yokota Air Base is all about. The core curriculum of the Kindermusik class at the West Youth Center is all about music, movement
  • JROTC -- teamwork, citizenship, survival skills

    It's not hard to imagine a high school class that teaches teamwork and citizenship. But what about a class that teaches teamwork, citizenship and drown-proof training? Not only does this class exist right here at Yokota High School, it does so in a most unlikely classroom - the Army Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps, or JROTC. Began over
  • Joan Mendel: An inspiration to base community

    Although she was barely five feet tall, Joan Mendel was the stuff legends are made of. When she wasn't busy teaching precocious third-graders, she was rescuing stray animals and collecting food and clothing for a local orphanage. In fact, it's almost impossible to walk through the halls at Yokota East Elementary School and not see something -
  • Honor Guard--a time honored tradition

    They are seen at the base ceremonies, performing with precision movements and whispered commands, each detail practiced to perfection. From change of commands to promotion ceremonies, the Honor Guard provides traditional military ceremonies with dignity and honor. "Our basic mission here is to provide professionalism and honor to a ceremony," said