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Annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey

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The Department of the Air Force (DAF) has contracted with CEL and Associates, Inc. (CEL) to conduct the FY24 DoD Annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey for Privatized Housing (PH) and Government-owned Family Housing that launched on March 4, 2024 to April 18, 2024. 

All housing tenants in DAF privatized housing projects and government-owned housing sites will receive a link to access the survey via email. Tenants will have until April 18, 2024 to submit their assessment.

By using an independent third party, members and their families will be able to provide their open, honest, and anonymous impressions of living in DAF privatized and government-owned housing. The anonymous survey results will be shared with DAF housing program leaders and project owners to continue improving the housing experience. CEL & Associates, Inc. (CEL), will administer the survey, which will be made available to all tenants living in privatized and government-owned housing.

Housing continues to be a positive quality of life program supporting families. In order to ensure the program continues to provide tenants with the best possible housing experience, tenants are encouraged to complete the Annual DoD Housing Tenant Satisfaction Survey.

Tenants’ voices are important to Department of the Air Force leadership and the privatized project owners. The data and comments gathered via the survey are taken very seriously as they shape the evolution of improvements that are provided to service members and their families which advance the DAF housing portfolio.

Each household is invited to complete a survey. Members should receive the survey via email in March. If you have not received your survey, please contact:


A household can also opt-in using the QR code below to receive the survey via text message or utilize “Find My Survey” by filling in the requested information.


Opt-in to receive survey via text (*U.S. phone numbers only at this time) 

 Go to "Find My Survey