FETAT conference pools partnerships

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Ryan Lackey & Tech. Sgt. Taylor Altier

The annual Far East Tactics Analysis Team conference, which brings together defense operations and intelligence representatives from five countries, was held at Yokota Air Base, Japan, July 21-25.

The event was hosted by the Koku Jieitai Air Defense Command (ADC) and U.S. Fifth Air Force, and participants hailed from the British Royal Air Force, the Royal Australian Air Force, and the Canadian Armed Forces.

The event took about six months of planning in collaboration with allied counterparts, to help ensure that the topics covered at FETAT are relevant to each attending nation. The conference created collaborative working groups of analysts and pilots to study current air operations and air defense intelligence on specific potential peer-adversary threat tactics, techniques, and procedures.

“This week-long conference is an important collaboration with our mission partners,” said Capt. Dora Diaz, 5th AF Intelligence Division chief of analysis and FETAT event coordinator. “It allowed us to work closely with our coalition partners and overall, helped display a united front with our allies.”

The groups spent the week developing reports and advisories for their topics, which will drive updates to the threat and tactics guides of each nation to address the rapidly changing security environment, highlighting potential challenges in the Indo-Pacific region.

“These events are great in showing how seriously we take the importance of getting accurate information, so decisions can be made from the most well-informed position that one can be in,” a RAF FETAT representative said.

The team, charged with deepening mutual understanding of the challenges present in the region and finding ways to seamlessly integrate allied operations, took their findings on a week-long ‘roadshow’ to four different installations after the event. The reports were shared with in-theater intelligence analysts and operators who may one day come face-to-face with adversaries, according to Diaz.

With both Fifth Air Force and the JASDF Air Defense Command, headquartered at Yokota, it continues to be a prime location for this multilateral intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance meeting of the minds.