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  • Related Services (RS) Process

    Related Services (RS) ProcessPre-referral: Parents, teachers, or others identify a child who has difficulties with learning. Interventions are discussed that may help the child to be more successful in the learning process. Referral: If the interventions are not successful, then the parents or teachers will make a referral to the Case Study
  • Reporting Sexual Assault

    If you have been sexually assaulted or think you may have been:Go to a safe location. Contact the Yokota Air Base Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, or healthcare personnel. You may also contact your chain of command or law enforcement (military or civilian), however if you do, an investigation will occur and you will not have the option of
  • SAPR Program Volunteers

    SAPR Volunteer Guide Important Numbers
  • Services Offered

    Referrals to EDIS can come from medical professionals or families themselves. All children who are referred to EDIS must receive a timely and an appropriate evaluation to determine eligibility for services. For Early Intervention Services (EIS) a family may be referred by the child's primary care physician. Often the signs of developmental delay,
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

    SARC 24-hr Hotline: 225-SARC (7272)Mission Reinforce the Air Force's commitment to eliminate sexual assaults through awareness and prevention training, education, victim advocacy, response, reporting, and accountability.VisionPromote sensitive care and confidential reporting for victims of sexual assault and accountability for those who commit such
  • Song Requests

    Click Here to Email Song RequestsDSN (on base): 225-2379/2380 Commerical (off base): 042-552-2510-52379You can give us a call or write us:From military installations or the United States: AFNEWS, Det 10 Unit 5091 APO AP 96328-5091 TEL (DSN)225-2379/2380FAX (DSN)225-2386 Commercial TEL: 011-81-3117-5-52379                                 
  • South Overrun bicycle, pedestrian path now open

    Click here for information on the unique rules and signs associated with the new South Overrun pedestrian and bicycle path.
  • Space-Available Travel

    Space-available travel, also known as Space-A, is a program that allows authorized passengers to occupy seats on DoD aircraft that are left over once all space-required passengers have been accommodated. Space-available travel is allowed on a non-mission interference basis only. Uniformed Services members on active duty must be in a leave or pass
  • Spring Fire Prevention Week April 13-17

    The 374th Airlift Wing will conduct a Spring Fire Prevention Week from April 13-17 as part of a Pacific Air Forces-wide initiative. Several recent fires at bases throughout the Pacific were the driving force behind the program designed to increase fire prevention awareness and ensure Airmen inspect both their work centers and homes for fire hazards
  • The view from my window

    上空からみた景色第374空輸航空団広報部 ロビン・スタンチェック軍曹 これは私が3月11日の震災後、初めて被災地上空を飛行した時のことだ。 休日返上、12時間体制で支援を続けているものが何かを知りたいという気持ちと何なんだろうという懸念を持っていた。 今回の任務は簡単なもの:横田基地第36空輸中隊所属のC-130ハーキュリーズのクルーと第374整備即応中隊の戦闘機動部門所属の軍人2名が、航空自衛隊千歳基地(北海道)へ飛行するというものだった。 千歳基地では飲料水、毛布、米などを含む6パレットの災害支援物資を積み込み、松島に輸 送する予定だ。 任務を聞いた時は、松島が災害被害が大きい地域の一つであった宮城県にあることをまだ知らなかった。松島へ着陸するため、降下している時からその地域がどれだけ被