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  • Eagle 810 News

    Tune in to Eagle 810 in the Kanto Plain. Eagle 810 News airs Monday through Friday at: 6:28 am JST 7:28 am JST 8:28 am JST 9:28 am JST 10:28 am JST 11:28 am JST 12:28 am JST 1:28 pm JST2:28 pm JST 3:28 pm JST 4:28 pm JST 5:28 pm JST
  • Eagle 810 Radio Quick Reference

    From this link you can download a quick reference guide to the hottest news, information and entertainment from your favorite hit radio station Eagle 810.Right click on this link Eagle 810 Radio Program Schedule and save the target to your desktop for a quick reference guide of what's playing on Eagle 810.
  • Early Intervention Services (EIS) for ages birth to 3

    Early Intervention Services (EIS) for ages birth to 3EIS supports families who have concerns or questions about their infant or toddler's development. EI Services are provided to eligible infants and toddlers, with development al delays in language, motor, self-help, social skills, and problem solving. The family and early intervention
  • Early Intervention Services (EIS) Process

    Early Intervention Services (EIS) ProcessReferral Process: Referrals may come to EDIS from any military medical provider or the parents. When a referral is received from a source other than the parents, EDIS staff will contact the family to make an appointment for an intake and screening.Intake Process: The intake involves an interview with the
  • Earthquake Awareness

    When an earthquake strikes your area, the "solid" earth moves like the deck of a ship. What you do during and immediately after the shaking makes lie-and-death differences for you, your family, and your neighbors. These rules will help you survive. During the Shaking 1. Do not panic. The motion is frightening but, unless it shakes something down on
  • E-FOIA Reading Room

    The Electronic Freedom of Information Act , FOIA [5 USC 552(a)(2)(D)], requires that certain documents of interest to the general public be published electronically. Our command has determined that the materials reflected in the "Yokota E-FOIA Reading Room" should be made available to the general public in electronic form as FOIA-processed (a) (2)
  • Eligibility

    ELIGIBILITYTo receive services from EDIS, children must first have an entitlement to tuition-free enrollment in DoD schools in overseas and domestic locations. The Department of Defense established the eligibility criteria for children ages birth to 3 to receive Early Intervention Services (EIS), and for children ages 3 through 21 to enroll in
  • Emergency Contact Information

    For on-base emergencies from DSN, dial 911For on-base emergencies from a cell phone, dial 042-507-6560 or 042-552-2510 then 911For off-base emergencies dial 119
  • Environmental Morale Leave

    The holiday season is a time when families will be traveling to celebratearound the world. Military, DoD Civilians, contractors and dependent Yokotateam members need to be aware of travel requirements for a host ofdestinations around the world, to include new travel restrictions to Mexico.The Individual Anti-Terrorism Plan (IATP) and the