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  • READ-Important Housing Information

    There are 2,639 military family housing (MFH) units on Yokota AB. The average waiting period for on-base housing depends on the type of housing required, member's rank, bedroom entitlement, and time of year of arrival. Please check with the housing office to verify your estimated wait. We understand your first concern is where you will live. All
  • Reception Problems

    Experiencing Television or Cable Radio Reception Problems? Please contact your local TV signal provider first. Ask them to check their TV or Cable Radio signal. The following phone numbers are provided for you convenience. Yokota Americable 225-2288 Yokosuka Trouble Desk 115
  • Related Services (RS) for ages 3 to 21

    Related Services (RS) for ages 3 to 21EDIS provides certain Related Services to eligible school-age children who are enrolled in Department of Defense schools in overseas areas and who receive special education services that are listed on an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Special Education Related Services includes support services such as
  • Related Services (RS) Process

    Related Services (RS) ProcessPre-referral: Parents, teachers, or others identify a child who has difficulties with learning. Interventions are discussed that may help the child to be more successful in the learning process. Referral: If the interventions are not successful, then the parents or teachers will make a referral to the Case Study
  • Reporting Sexual Assault

    If you have been sexually assaulted or think you may have been:Go to a safe location. Contact the Yokota Air Base Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, or healthcare personnel. You may also contact your chain of command or law enforcement (military or civilian), however if you do, an investigation will occur and you will not have the option of