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  • Hazardous Food Recall

    As of Jan. 16, 474 people in the United States have become infected in an outbreak Salmonella bacteria. Approximately 105 people have been hospitalized and six people have died. The outbreak began during September 2008 and has continued through January 2009. This Salmonella outbreak has been linked by public health experts to several peanut butter
  • HH-60

    第374空輸航空団広報部 クリストファー・ラブ少尉 3月20日、第33救難飛行隊のHH-60ヘリコプター2機のクルーが横田基地から食料、水、医療品を気仙沼市に届けた。 日本の東北沿岸に位置する気仙沼市は、3月11日、津波により壊滅的な被害に見舞われた。沿岸地域のほとんどが壊滅、家を失った人々は近くの階上中学校に避難した。HH-60ヘリコプターは、この避難所への物資輸送として、近くの広場を離着陸に使用した。 生存者は皆、混乱の一週間を耐え、比較的健康状態も良いという。「支援物資が被災者の方々の健康を支えている」と、第33救難飛行隊将校のデーブ・セイント・オンゲ中佐は語る。 この任務で輸送された約500ポンド(約230キロ)の物資は、主に医療品で、胃腸薬、イオン飲料の「ペディアライト」。 報道で
  • Housing Entitlements

    Temporary Lodging Allowance These rules are applicable to military members only. Upon arrival at Yokota AB, you will be offered the first-available unit within your grade category regardless of your preference (AFI 32-6001). If you turn down your first offer for personal preference, you will not lose your position on the waiting list; however, your
  • How to report a sexual assault

    If you have been sexually assaulted or think you may have been: go to a safe location. Contact the Yokota Air Base Sexual Assault Response Coordinator reporting hotline 24/7 at DSN 315-225-7272. You can also call the command post and ask for the SARC hotline number or visit a health provider. Another option is to contact your chain of command or