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  • How to report a sexual assault

    If you have been sexually assaulted or think you may have been: go to a safe location. Contact the Yokota Air Base Sexual Assault Response Coordinator reporting hotline 24/7 at DSN 315-225-7272. You can also call the command post and ask for the SARC hotline number or visit a health provider. Another option is to contact your chain of command or
  • Japan Program Locations

    USNH Yokosuka, Japan-EDISPSC 475 BOX 1 Code 002E, FPO AP 96350-1600DSN 243-7260OFF BASE 046-816-7260+EXT; FAX 243-9869Yokota EDIS Unit 5235, APO AP 96328DSN 225-9993OFF BASE 0425-52-2510+EXT; FAX 225-6367Iwakuni EDIS PSC 561 BOX 1877, FPO AP 96310-0009DSN 253-4562OFF BASE 0827-21-4171+EXT; FAX 253-5723Misawa EDIS BLDG 94 Unit 5048, APO AP
  • Japanese Friendship Festival Information

    Yokota Friendship Festival 2011横田基地日米友好祭2011日米友好祭在日米空軍横田基地がホストネーションである日本の方々に、基地の一部を開放し、交流を通じて友好と基地の任務の理解を深めて頂くための一大イベントです。イベント開催中は、飛行機の地上展示、横田基地所属機による飛行展示、音楽バンドのステージ演奏、食べ物やグッズ、ゲームの露店などを会場内でお楽しみ頂けます。
  • Lodging

    Yokota Air Base's lodging operation, the Kanto Lodge, is one of Pacific Air Force's largest hotel operations. Each year, over 130,000 people are housed in the Kanto Lodge's six on-base facilities.As Yokota is the main aerial port of Western Pacific, it consistently operates at 96 to 100 percent occupancy. Most Permanent Change of Station, or PCS,
  • Military News Links

    TV Programs AFRTS Television News -- (American Forces Radio & Television Service) NewsCenter produces the Two-Minute Report (2MR) and two AFRTS Newsminutes (NM) each weekday for broadcast on AFRTS stations worldwide.Air Force Link -- communicates news, information and entertainment through print and electronic media -- keeping the total force,
  • Military Personnel Flight

    Need Face-to-face Military Personnel Flight support? MPF services are available! Appointments are encouraged in order to minimize wait times. Walk-ins are welcome but will be seen on a available basis in between previously scheduled appointments. Customers can contact MPF customer support at 225-9900 DSN or 374fss.fsps.customersupport@us.af.mil
  • Moving to Japan

    This fact sheet covers basic information regarding entry into Japan for military personnel as well as foreign entry requirements for those with family members that are not U.S. citizens. There is also a new comers memrandum located to the right of this page.Information on consular services for all of Japan, including registration, passport renewal,
  • Newcomers Driving Pamphlet

    Click on the related links to the right for a pamphlet that discusses driving rules and regulations in Japan.
  • Off Base Housing

    Community HousingA new On-Base First Family Housing Policy was issued in June 2010. This means newly arriving military members will reside in base housing units when available. Exceptions to this policy are required to be submitted in writing to the Housing Office, and must be approved by appropriate level of authority. The following information
  • Optometry Clinic

    374 MDG: Optometry Clinic Services (3rd Floor, Main Hospital)Glasses prescription update - Active duty members are eligible to get 1 pair of frame of choice per year and 5A (known as BCG) glasses as needed.  Gas mask inserts and ballistic eye ware inserts are issued.  Glasses prescription expires after 1 year.Limited Contact lens prescription