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Personal Property Shipments

Shipment Planning Worksheet

Please fill the Shipment Planning worksheet and return it to 337 ASUF/LGT for processing.  Below you will also find a list of unauthorized items and a household goods weight estimator which can be used to calculate how much weight you are shipping.  For more resources, you can visit


Alcohol Shipments

If you are planning on shipping alcohol, you will need to follow the instructions provided in the document below.  You will also need to make a list of the alcohol you are planning to take back with you.  The list must be turned in with your Shipment Planning Worksheet.  


Privately Owner Vehicle (POV) Shipments

If you are shipping your POV, you will need to follow the instructions found on the DD Form 1797. Please complete DD Form 1797 and return to 337 ASUF/LGT for counselor signature. POV shipments are accomplished through with International Auto Logistics (IAL).