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Legal Services

The Legal Office is here to assist you with various personal civil legal matters such as notaries, powers-of-attorney, wills, advice regarding the Service members Civil Relief Act, lease reviews, and tax questions. Active duty military members, dependents, members entitled to retired or retainer pay and their dependents and DoD civilians are among those eligible for legal assistance.


Please note that for all legal issues relating to matters outside the scope of official DoD duties, the legal office provides assistance consistent with the US Air Force’s legal assistance program, under AFI 51-304. The purpose of the program is to support and sustain command effectiveness and readiness. All legal assistance under the program is contingent upon the availability of legal staff resources and expertise. While we do make great efforts to support all eligible personnel under the program, please understand our two-person team is the only DoD legal office in Australia and carries broad responsibilities with very limited resources.



For more information on Claims, please click here.


Powers of Attorney & Wills

For more information go to U.S. Air Force Legal Assistance

When you get to the website, click on 'Legal Worksheets’:

For POA: Click on 'Create Power of Attorney Worksheet'. Then, click on the tab relating to the type of power of attorney you are seeking.  Read the instructions and input your information.


For a Will: Click on 'Create Will and Advanced Medical Directive Worksheet'.  Read the instructions and input your information.

Once you input your data, the system will generate and email you a ticket number. Please forward that ticket number to PACAF.JAOL-E.CANBERRA@US.AF.MIL for drafting and we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Contacted by local law enforcement

The SOFA is the legal agreement between the U.S. and Australia that sets the foundation for stationing US forces in Australia, and governs their treatment by the Australian Government. Under the SOFA, active duty members and their dependents are subject to Australian criminal law consequences including jail and substantial fines. Military members are also subject to the UCMJ. If you were recently contacted by local law enforcement for questioning, please contact the Embassy Legal Office.


Housing Lease Reviews

Rental housing in Australia can be challenging.  In general, ensure you have thoroughly read through the lease and are comfortable with all of its terms before you sign the lease.  The special terms of the agreement are particularly important as those are the terms the landlord will likely seek to enforce should there be any disputes.  Ensure you unequivocally agree with these terms before you sign the lease.  Additionally, note that in Australia, you do not have the right to withhold rent if the landlord fails to do something he/she's required to do under the lease.  Your remedy, if you live in the ACT, is to take the issue to the ACT housing tribunal. Personnel in other jurisdictions should contact our office for additional help. Our office offers lease review services prior to signing to ensure the lease is standard and contains the Defense Early Postings Clause.  If you would like your lease reviewed prior to signing, please contact our office by phone at 02-6214-5804 for any questions, or simply send the lease to our org e-mail address at: PACAF.JAOL-E.CANBERRA@US.AF.MIL. We will review the lease and respond accordingly.

What is SCRA?

Effective 2003, the Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) replaced the former 1940 Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act (SSCRA).  The SCRA offers many protections to active duty service members ranging from mortgages to interest rates.  However, the SCRA does not apply to Australian individuals or businesses in Australia.  For additional SCRA details, visit:  Military OneSource


Contact Information

The Legal office is located in the US Embassy, Canberra, Australia.  The international telephone number is +61 2 6214 5804, and fax number is +61 2 6273 3979.  Our e-mail address is: PACAF.JAOL-E.CANBERRA@US.AF.MIL


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All SOFA questions should be directed to this office.