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Traveling While at Post

While traveling abroad for official duty or leave, members are required to follow the instructions below. If deploying with your unit, you must inform your US chain-of-command to initiate the appropriate level of approvals.

  1. Access Foreign Clearance Guide (FCG) and find the country you are visiting.  Follow the instructions provided in the guide.
  • After you have located the country you will be traveling to, carefully review the requirements for entry
  • It is recommended that you complete this step at least 60 days before expected travel
  1. Submit a Travel Tracker/ Individual Anti-Terrorism Plan (TT/IATP)
  • Traveling to a foreign country within the Indo Pacific (not including domestic travel within Australia) requires a TT/IATP request
  • The TT/IATP must be completed before submitting your Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System (APACS) request: IATP Help Sheet
  1. Submit Country and/or Theater Clearance via APACS
  • The information needed in your APACS requests is listed in the FCG. Each location will vary but all will require dates of arrival/departure from each location in the country, name/address/contact information of lodging facility and TT/IATP number.
  1. Submit leave request. New leave requests should be submitted through your unit. Make sure to follow applicable service requirements while traveling aboard. For further questions regarding leave, reach out to your admin section.
  3. If requiring Counterintelligence pre-brief or de-brief, contact the Force Protection Detachment at the Sydney Consulate, E-mail: or Phone: 02-9373-9101. This requirement will be established in the FCG (as required) or directed by your unit or service.

For assistance in completing these steps, please view the Travel Guide.

For official travel and airport interactions dealing with entry/exit of Australia (includes during leave travel), present your passport with the electronic visa/SPTA, which should be in your official passport.  Members/dependents are advised to have their official passports readily available upon check-in for their return trips to Australia.  Air carriers will likely require proof of authorization to enter Australia provided in members’/dependents’ official passports—as reflected in the SPTA database—to complete the check-in process for return to Australia.

For interactions with non-Australian Immigration Officers, utilize your tourist passport while on non-official travel.